Mrs. Summers' Weekly Newsletter

February 6, 2023

Valentine's Day

A list of student names has been shared with the class and is also listed below. Students can make a Valentine's box (cereal or shoe boxes are good ideas) or a bag that has their name on it and a hole for cards to go into. Students can begin bringing their cards and boxes to school on Thursday, February 9th. We will pass out Valentines on Tuesday, February 14th. If your child decides to pass out Valentines, please make sure they should have one for each student in our class. Remember that due to the school board policy, we are not allowed to pass out candy.

Evan ~ Rosalie ~ Shelby ~ Brooks ~ Allyson ~ Vera ~ Walker ~ James ~ Hyrum ~ Drew M. ~ McKinley ~ Tennie ~ Tess ~ Maddox ~ Grayson ~ Paxton ~ Drew S. ~ Julia ~ Ellis ~ Mary

Virtual Author Visit ~ Liesl Shurtliff, Author of Rump

I am so excited that Liesl Shurtliff, author of Rump, will be joining our class virtually on Wednesday, February 15. Thanks to funds from the LMES PTO, Mrs. Shurtliff will meet with all 3rd Grade AGP classes. We LOVED reading Rump and are on a quest to read as many of her books as we can. Liesl Shurtliff has four books in the Fairly True Tales Series including Rump, Jack, Red, and Grump. She also has three other books in the Time Castaways Series. Please encourage your child to read one more book or all seven books by Liesl Shurtliff!
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Transportation Changes

Each student has a set way in which they are scheduled to go home in the afternoon. If your child's afternoon transportation is going to be different, then we ask that you either send in a written note OR send Mrs. Summers an email and copy the three ladies in the front office. There will be times when either I am not here or unable to check my email during the school day. Please include your child's first and last name in the message. Thank you in advance!

Jennifer Pettigrew -

Donna Corley -

Kim Koenig -

ELA Update

Topics of Study in ELA:

  • Conclusion of Rump and Whole Book Assessment
  • What's in a Name? Research and Slideshow
  • Grammar Study Topics ~ subject pronouns and possessive pronouns, quotation marks, contractions, homophones, writing book titles, and compound words
  • Roots & Stems (Prefixes and Suffixes) Unit ~ Students will be responsible for the meanings of roots, prefixes, suffixes, and the word list each week. Students will not be responsible for spelling the words from our weekly list.
  • Unit 2 Roots & Stems: "photo" meaning light, prefixes "im-", "in-", and "il-" meaning not
  • Examples include: photocopy, photon, incapable, imbalance, and illiterate
  • Writing on various topics

Math Update

Topics of Study in Math:
  • Topic 6 ~ Connect Area to Multiplication and Addition
  • Apply Properties: Area and the Distributive Property
  • Apply Properties: Area of Irregular Shapes/Rectilinear Shapes
  • Review and Assessment of Topic 6
  • 7's & 8's Mixed Multiplication Quiz
  • Math Extention ~ Adding and Subtracting Decimals, Elapsed Time

Social Studies Update

Topics of Study in Social Studies:
  • Exploration Leads to Migration

Science Update

Topics of Study in Science:
  • Formation of Fossils
  • Evidence Collected from Fossils

Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday, February 8 ~ Early Release Day

Monday, February 13 ~ LMES School Store opens for 3rd Grade students

Tuesday, February 14 ~ Valentine's Day Card Exchange & Class Snack

Wednesday, February 15 ~ Virtual Author Visit with Lisel Shurtlif, author of Rump

Thursday, February 16 ~ Jump Rope Jamboree

Friday, February 17 ~ No School for Students or Teachers

Monday, February 20 ~ President's Day/Teacher Workday/No School for Students

Friday, March 3 ~ Author visit with Jerry Pallotta, author of Who Would Win? series

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