Julie Marquez

Job Description

  • Neurologist may work in clinics and/or hospitals
  • They are the experts that diagnose their patients.
  • They also do some clinical studies and research on patients.

Personal Characteristics

  • You have to have a positive attitude because if you do then your patients will also have one
  • Neurology is a good fit for you if you have passion to learn about and treat others with diseases.

Education Needed

  • Doctor of medicine (M.D) degree
  • Clinical residency
  • Medical license
  • Board certification in neurology
  • 4 years of undergraduate school
  • 4 years of medical school
  • 3-8 years of internship and residency (depending on specialty selected)
  • Take courses in humanities and social sciences

Work Setting

  • Generally work 60 hours a week

  • Saves lives
  • Well pay

  • Long hours
  • Long hours of school