Andrew Jackson

The Presidential Hero


Andrew Jackson was born into a lower class family; as a "common man." He worked his way up (to popularity) all by himself. For example, he defeated a large British force in the War of 1812. All these things made him more relate-able, which made him more likable, which made more people vote for him.

Spoils System

When people supported Jackson, he would give them government jobs; this was called the "Spoils System." Many people didn't like this system because it gave people who had no political experience, power. But I think that it helped them because it gives (ordinary) people more power and experience. It also gives them jobs, which gets them more money as well!

Trail of Tears

The Trail of Tears is when Jackson forced the Indians off their land in Florida and Georgia. He did this so we could have more land, gold, and cotton; this would also help the economy a lot. It may sounds sad, but even before they were kicked off their land they were offered a fair deal (which some of them did take). The deal was that the US Government would exchange the Indian land with other land that was west of the Mississippi; this was called the Indian Removal Act.

The National Bank

Jackson got rid of/vetoed the National Bank because it favored the wealthy, and "ordinary people" had no control over it. He (and many other people) also thought it was unconstitutional. This was good because now "the common man" could get loans as well as the wealthy, which made almost everyone happy.

Mini BIO - Andrew Jackson

Political Cartoon

Jackson hated the national bank, so he wanted to get rid of it. The monster/snake thing with many heads represents the states who want to keep the bank. Jackson is fighting back trying to get rid of them with a cane which says "veto" on it.