How a simple belief can lead to perseverance

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Skillet- Never Surrender by OichiOdaUchiha

Roleplay created by Amy Zhang-

How would you describe a person who has lost his family and home to a fire? Depressed? Lonely? How would you react if I then told you that that same person only has two childhood friends. One of them has been abused by their dad and lost his mom. One had been kidnapped several times. What if I told you that the boy, named Jason, is actually a calm, optimistic person, even after all the traumatic events that occurred in his life? “How?” You ask. “How can someone who has lived through such terrible events could possibly even BE happy?” Well, dear reader, consider this: while he had lost almost everything, he still kept one thing close to his heart. That, dear reader, allowed him to triumph, even when he felt the pain, even when he wallowed in the sorrow, and even when he stumbled in the dark. “Then what is that?” You ask. The one thing that kept poor Jason going, is hope.

Shattered World written by Amy Zhang-

Imagine that you had witnessed the death of pretty much everyone you know and love, and yet, you, the survivor, can’t remember a single moment. Now that you have amnesia, this led to you being faced with the potential destruction of everything you’ve ever known. Would you crumble under the pressure and yield at the first sight of danger? Or would you stand and fight? Even if you were combative and fought back, you would be put down time and time again, being beaten and ridiculed, feeling powerless, feeling like you just can’t do it anymore...But there’s still a way out. The best escape plan from this kind of worthless feeling is believing that you aren’t as petty as they tell you. Hope. One word, yet so powerful. With hope, you can find the way out. With hope, you can keep running, even if you trip several times. Only hope can drive the dark away and bring light. With hope, you can and will find the way out of the problems that threaten to swallow you whole. Because of the resolve you have, you are able to bring justice to those who had caused you so much misery in the past. So keep believing; you’ll find that what you are truly looking for may not be as faraway from your grasp as you think.

Nick Vujicic-

Think about all the things you have done with your arms and legs today. Now imagine that you do not have those limbs anymore. That is pretty much all day everyday for a man named Nick Vujicic; he lives without his arms and legs. Sure, life would've been much simpler and most likely easier if he had fingers and toes like the rest of us, but then again, he might not have been been as well known as he is now. He has his fair share of adversity and issues in his life, yeah, but it’s even worse since he can’t fight back...Or can he? While he doesn’t have any arms to help lessen the impact of the fall, he has the determination and willpower to get back up again. He adheres to the faith in himself and continues to plow through all the troubles life throws at him. Nick doesn’t need hands or feet to know that he can make life just as good as it would’ve been with his missing appendages. Hands and feet can only get you so far, people.
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Andrew Hussie's Homestuck-

We all love games. But what would you do if because you started up the game that you were hyped up for, things take a horrific turn? You have doomed your world into an inevitable apocalypse and everything is ready to go down in a fiery inferno. This is one of many catastrophes in the webcomic “Homestuck”, and it’s just the beginning. In Homestuck, four kids are faced with the certain destruction of their planet, and yet, they do not just accept their fate. They go against what has been predetermined and work against the flow of time, aiming to save themselves and those they hold dear, the desire that everything will NOT end up in rubble and ashes driving them forwards. Because they have that wish, they were able to turn the tables against the odds and seize their own fate.

Surviving Hitler-

We all know that the Holocaust was one of the worst events that ever happened in Human History. With such a great tragedy and trauma comes a time to remember. The time to commemorate the innocent who had perished, but we mustn't forget the stories of those who have beaten Hitler at his own game. For instance, in the story “Surviving Hitler”, a boy named Jack had gotten sent to a concentration camp, but what differentiates him from those who had perished was his aspiration to live another day. Even when he was worked to the bone and was constantly suffering from malnutrition, he made it seem like it wasn’t affecting him as badly as it was actually. He believed that he would live to see Liberation Day, and with the help of a boy named Moniek - who later became his best friend - he was able to see through with his dream of living through one of History’s most horrid events. After all, if you believe, you can achieve, right?


Warren, Andrea. Surviving Hitler: A Boy in the Nazi Death Camps. New York: HarperCollinsPublishers, 2001. Print.
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