Fashion 101

By: Kiah Eickhoff

Hello! Welcome to my fashion 101 blog!

My names Kiah Eickhoff!

In this blog ill be sharing a little about what i learned in class.

I love to sew and create many different things!

Sketching and Design

If you are sketching the best way to start is with a pencil! Just encase you mess up or decide to make changes, you can always go back and adjust it. To make your design fun and creative, you should always add your own spark. Mix your personality into your beautiful design.

Sewing Construction

In sewing construction you will learn the basics like how to thread a needle, how to tie a knot, how to pick fabric, recording your measurements and many other things.

fashion design

Fanny packs were once a very popular thing. Could you imagine wearing them today? Well, many people do and they are once again becoming a popular thing. They are seen on many young girls and come in lots of different colors and designs.

Random fact: Its convenient. Pens, iPods, phones, calculators, wallets, chicken soup, car keys, water bottles, small pets, nail clippers, ANYTHING. Its not about what you put in it, its about looking great, and being in style.

Interior and Design

Make your house comfy and cute! You want to throw in your own style and make it to your liking.

Advertising and Marketing

Make sure what you advertise makes is eye catching and pops! People are more likely to buy your product if you sell something that stands out! Always throw in your own pop!