CATEC Newsletter

October 2020

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year

CATEC wants to make sure you stay informed about the most important information regarding our 2020-2021 school year. Please visit our Website, download our free CATEC, VA app wherever you get your apps, or follow us on Facebook (@CATECHighSchool ),Twitter (@CATEChs), and Instagram (@catechighschool). Our most recent Board meeting, which included the Director's proposal for opening the CATEC building for in-person instruction, is available to watch on our YouTube Channel.

Director's Message: Stephanie Carter

I hope everyone is enjoying the refreshing fall weather! As we wind up October and get close to the end of the first quarter, I am impressed by the efforts of our students and teachers. This has been the most unexpected beginning of school, but it has been inspirational to see our school community step up and make the best of a not ideal situation. Parent-Teacher Conferences should be wrapping up the first week of November. If you have not spoken to your child's instructor and wish to, please contact the instructor to set one up.

At the October CATEC Center Board meeting, our board voted to reopen CATEC using a hybrid model of instruction. The proposal may be reviewed on our Website. I sent an email out to all families on Friday, October 23rd with important information regarding the reopening. Your assistance in filling out these forms will help us communicate effectively, set-up transportation, and create schedules to meet the needs of our students and families. If you have not received the email, please visit our Website at or call the school at (434)973-4461.

Our teachers, staff, Assistant Principal, Mr. Smith, and I are very much looking forward to having students back in our building safely. We are deeply committed to mitigation strategies to ensure the safety of everyone in our community while our students take advantage of the hands-on learning that makes CATEC a wonderful place to learn. Please continue to monitor your email, our Website, and social media for updates as the opening evolves.


Stephanie Carter

Important Forms:

Beginning of the Year Form

Reopening Preference Survey

School Counseling: Maggie Wilson

The School Counseling Office is located in the Career and Counseling Office. Students who qualify for dual enrollment credit through one of our local community college partners, please remember to apply to your community college and have permission slips turned it to Ms. Wilson. Ms. Wilson has created a Calming Room to help students (and families) find calm if they need a break during the day. If you have any questions, please email

Career Development & Workplace Readiness: Amanda Jay

In Career Development this month, students began building their professional brands by identifying words that they think describe them, which are words that employers would like to see and hear when assessing job candidates.

Research shows that employers value their employees soft skills (workplace skills) over their technical skills.This month, programs focused on the following VA Workplace Readiness Skills: #14 Efficiency and Productivity, #1 Creativity and Innovation, and #2 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.

Automotive Body Repair: Ron Moore

In October, Auto Body students began a dent repair unit, learning the tools and metal theory needed for dent repair. Dent repair will be the hands-on unit students will begin upon returning to face-to-face instruction. Students have been working on individual hands-on projects, disassembling, organizing, and reassembling projects and building a slide presentation for end of quarter one. They have also been working on I-CAR Personal Safety industry certifications.

Automotive Service Technology: Matt Richardson

This month, CATEC promoted its internship opportunities by highlighting Auto Service Tech II student, Tyler Morris's positive experience at Malloy Ford.

Building Trades: Sid Trimmer

In October, students worked on earning their OSHA 10 Cards by working on a safety class called Career Safe. Students worked on safety procedures involving OSHA regulations and procedures, Fall Hazards, PPE, Electrocution, Health Hazards in Construction, Excavations, Materials Handling, Scaffolds, Hand and Power Tools, Safe Driving practices, Fire Protection, Emergency Action Plans, Fire protection, Cranes, and Welding and Cutting. Students will receive their OSHA 10 Cards to keep in their wallets soon. October was Careers in Construction Month, and while the program could not celebrate as usual, CATEC did promote the event by sharing information about its program.

Cosmetology I and II: Karen Brown & Jackie Waller

Cosmetology I students worked on sectioning, roller placement, shampooing and shear handling. Students focused on workplace readiness skills, including: Integrity, Professionalism, Reading and Writing, and Critical Thinking. Students have completed their Icon project and completed a creative combout of their choice. They also tested on History, Life Skills, Professionalism, Communication, and Infection Control. The program will begin its skin and nails unit this month. Cosmetology II students focused on hair coloring in October. Students got to practice coloring on their manikins at home with Kool Aid and food color. The must-anticipated Holiday Hair Competition will be coming up soon!

Culinary Arts I and II: Christina Rizzo & Josh Davis

This month the students finished their ServSafe unit curricula. The Culinary Arts I class had a 100% pass rate for students for the Food Handler certification. Year II students are currently testing one at a time, in-person for the Food Manager certification. Both Culinary Arts I and II completed a group assignment called Food Network Producer, where they had to develop and pitch an idea for a new Food Network television show. Mrs. Carter came in and volunteered to be a guest judge for the the project and was very impressed with the ideas and concepts she heard. Parent-Teacher conferences are coming up at the beginning of November.

Electricity: Sid Trimmer

This month, students worked on earning their OSHA 10 Cards by working on a safety class called Career Safe. Students worked on safety procedures involving OSHA regulations and procedures, Fall Hazards, PPE, Electrocution, Health Hazards in Construction, Excavations, Materials Handling, Scaffolds, Hand and Power Tools, Safe Driving practices, Fire Protection, Emergency Action Plans, Fire protection, Cranes, and Welding and Cutting. Students will receive their OSHA 10 Cards to keep in their wallets soon.

Emergency Medical Technician: Cat Gardner

In October, students have been focusing on Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathophysiology. It is important to have a solid understanding of how the human body works and what happens when things go wrong, so students can accurately assess and treat a patient. The Unit 1 test is on Wed, Nov 4. There will be a Zoom review session during regular class time on Thursday, October 29. The EMT weekly schedule is changing at the beginning of Unit 2, starting on Monday, November 9. Make sure to watch for the Pace Chart coming out around October 29. CATEC promoted returning EMT 3 student Kess Hutchinson, a Western Albemarle High School student who is a teacher's helper this year.

Fire Science: Bobby Elliott

Fire Science students completed their FEMA 100, 200, 700, 800 and IS-5. They also started the Firefighter I Course. Each Wednesday, as a class, students critique an Emergency Incident. These can be anywhere from a Fire, Vehicle into a Building to a Hazardous Materials Incident. Students are going to also look at Line of Duty Deaths of Firefighters and Near Miss Reports. Students need to continue staying on task with assignments and communicate when they need assistance.

Nurse Assistant: Sarah Manglicmot

The Nurse Assistant class kicked off the month with a guest speaker from UVA School of Nursing, Kimberly Dieber M.Ed.. Ms. Dieber is the Coordinator for Recruitment and Community Engagement and spoke to the class about the different pathways to nursing school after high school, including the traditional BSN at a university, getting an ADN at a community college and then joining the RN-BSN program at a university, and also getting a Bachelor's degree in another field and doing a second-degree nursing program. The class focused on infection control and prevention this month and learned how to protect themselves and their patients in a healthcare facility. Students worked on their first skill competency with a video assignment that demonstrates proper hand washing technique. They will demonstrate properly putting on and taking off personal protective equipment (gown and gloves), which they received in their tool kits. Next, students will move on to basic nursing skills, which will include taking vital signs.

Veterinary Science: Kim Smyth

In October, Vet Science students learned about medical terminology specific for the veterinary field. Students also learned about skeletal anatomy and physiology. To get a better idea of how this looks, students built anatomically correct animal skeletons out of pasta. Later, when the class covers muscular anatomy, students will add anatomically correct muscles out of clay to their skeletons. We shared information about our Veterinary Science program this month in celebration of National Veterinary Technician Month.

English 11: Megan Panek & English 12/Government: Megan Panek & David Topper Personal Finance/Economics: David Topper

English 11 is integrated with Cosmetology I this year. This class focuses on what is being studied in Cosmetology. Students completed their first unit, where they studied the major events, art, beauty standards, and literary styles of different eras in time from the Romantic era to the 1980's. Students wrote an essay on the era that most influences their personal style.

English 12/Government just finished its "foundations" unit where students learned about the people and concepts that form the basis of our US government. Students started the unit on elections. They are learning about the history of voting rights in the US and how the election process works. Students are honing their persuasive writing skills and will finish the unit in quarter 2 by researching and creating an audio and/or visual presentation on an issue they are passionate about.

Adult Education and Apprenticeship Programs: Shannon Tomlin

CATEC's Adult Education and Apprenticeship Programs have successfully run online and in-person classes for the Fall semester for nearly 300 students. The program has published its Spring Catalog on its website and is now registering students and accepting scholarship applications. CBS19 highlighted that the evening program is the only school currently hosting in-person classes. They also met with evening instructors who shared information about HVAC and space heater safety as the weather turns colder.

Visit or call us at 434-973-4461 for inquiries.