Mrs Clayton's Art Challenge

Big picture

The artwork

The artwork is titled “Bouncy Trouncy Tigger” and features the first introduction of Tigger to Winnie the Pooh as a very excited house-guest. This piece was released in 1997, as a limited edition of 5000 pieces worldwide. It features Tigger in a delightful sequence of progressive images as he sings his trademark Tigger song. The piece is placed against a printed background which was produced from the original production background used in filming. It has the Disney studio seal.

Tigger is one of my most loved characters in A.A. Milne’s books which my parents read to me as a child. Friendship and the importance of friends is something I definitely took away from listening to the stories. Pooh Bear’s friendship with Tigger is so heart-warming.

I travelled to Walt Disney World Resort many years ago and I was completely overwhelmed by the immersive atmosphere they create, they make you feel like a child again. It really can’t be explained, it’s just something you feel. I bought the piece for my daughter’s first birthday present a whole 20 years ago! As I look at the picture it reminds me of the fact that everyone was friendly, happy and smiley and I really do believe it is the most magical place on Earth. This now hangs in my youngest daughters’ bedroom, fingers crossed it lasts just as long.

The challenge

This artwork shows movement and animation which reflects Tigger’s character. Learn the basic principles of animation by making a flipbook.