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Eastern Heights Elementary School, January 2022

Dear Eastern Heights Elementary Families,

Happy New Year, EHES Community!

I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable winter break! It's so wonderful seeing our students back in school this week and ready to learn! Please remember that regular attendance is essential to each student’s success, as it sets up a good pattern for your child’s entire school career. Please make sure your child is here and on time every day possible.

Now it is time to get busy with some serious learning! The beginning of the New Year also brings the start of the second semester of school. These next two grading periods represent some of the most important, and challenging parts of the year-long curriculum. The students will now be asked to apply the skills they have been working on during the first part of the year. They will need to expand their thinking and really increase their effort.

You can best help your child by ensuring that homework is done each and every night. It will also help if your child gets some extra practice with reading and math facts. The first person to call Ms. Hyder and tell her, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!” will receive a prize. Perhaps an additional half-hour or so of school practice, rather than TV or video games, can make a real difference. Please do all you can to support the learning that is going on in the classroom.

I’m sure many kiddos received electronic devices over the holiday break. With an increase in devices comes an increase in “cyber” activity (texting, chatting, Instagram, TicTok, SnapChat, Facebook). We will work hard to encourage positive and responsible behaviors both in the classroom and when using their devices. We ask that you help encourage and remind good “cyber activity” and to refrain from “cyber bullying”.

Finally, please remember that as our school family is strengthened by your support, your family, your neighborhood and your community is strengthened. Please join us in making the city of Elyria a great place to learn and grow! Hope to see you soon!

Thank you for your continued cooperation and devotion to our schools.

Your Partner in Education,

Mrs. Jessica C. Barwacz

Go Pioneers!

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Upcoming Dates

JANUARY, 2022!

3 - School Resumes

4 - 4th Grade Art Club @ 3:15pm

6 - Student Council Meeting @ 8:30am

11 - Tech E Club @ 8:00am

11 - 4th Grade Art Club @ 3:15pm

13 - Walking Club @ 8:30am


18 - 4th Grade Art Club @ 3:15pm

21 - End of 2nd Quarter

21 - 2nd Quarter PBIS Incentive


25 - Tech E Club @ 8:00am

25 - 4th Grade Art Club @ 3:15pm

27 - Walking Club @ 8:30am

28 - 2nd Quarter Report Cards emailed home via School Messenger


3 - Student Council Meeting @ 8:30am

8 - Tech E Club @ 8:00am

10 - Walking Club @ 8:30am

14 - Valentine's Day Parties

21 - NO SCHOOL - Presidents' Day

23 - 3rd Quarter Interims emailed home via School Messenger

24 - Walking Club @ 8:30am

24 - Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences


Important Update: Mask requirement extended

Dear Families,

I hope you enjoyed quality time together with your family and friends during the holidays. We look forward to seeing students on their return to school Monday, Jan. 3.

If you’ve been following the news, you’re aware of the increase in COVID-19 cases locally and nationally.

In light of this, Lorain County Public Health has recommended that school districts reinstate masking requirements for a period of time in January.

Beginning Jan. 3, Elyria Schools will require students in preschool through grade 12 -- and all staff and visitors -- to wear masks. This applies at all after-school events, as well. We will continue assessing the situation throughout the month of January.

There is also new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that shortens the isolation or quarantine period for a person with COVID-19, and showing no symptoms, to return to school and work.

Asymptomatic individuals may now return in five days instead of 10, provided masks are worn the remaining five days after their return.

The CDC also determined that contact tracing is not helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19 so that practice will be suspended until further notice. Elyria Schools will continue to notify families when positive cases are confirmed in classrooms.

We will also continue to report positive cases of COVID-19 to PCG, Ohio’s designated reporting agency. These numbers are recorded on the Ohio Department of Health’s website, which is searchable by school district.

Students are responsible for bringing their own masks to school and maintaining them throughout the school day.

We appreciate the understanding and support of our students, families and staff, during this time.

Thank you, and we are looking forward to the new year.


Ann Schloss

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Elyria City Schools' Belief Statements

  • Learners thrive when school is engaging and personally meaningful
  • All Pioneers have a voice in decisions that affect them
  • Excellence is achieved through vision, commitment and moral leadership