The Surveyor

By: Jaime McWalters

Surveys Prove What We Have All Been Wondering.

The people at the informer ran a survey to see where teens like to hang out. They were given the option of Railroad tracks, skate park, movie theatre, and the park. 60% of teens said they liked the railroad tracks, 20% of teens like the park, 15% like the skate park, and 5% like the Movie theatre. After hearing this news we asked questions to those who liked the railroad tracks. One question asked was why do you like the railroad tracks? many said that it was the only place where other people weren't around to tease themselves and their friends, some said they love the scenery, others just like the idea of hanging out by the tracks.

Which did they prefer?

Photography, Music, Or Both?

Our most recent survey is pretty astonishing. We asked a large group of teens if they preferred Photography, Music, or Both and the numbers we got back were amazing. 80% of kids said they preferred both of them and would consider the two as a career option in the future, 15% said they Liked music over photography because music helped them when they were in the worst of moods or the best of moods, and 5% said they liked photography more because the camera blocked out everything they did not want to see in the world such as violence, negativity, and bullies.

We are a newspaper company that only performs surveys for the curious minds.