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We Do Review

Last week, we went over the differences between an excellent "We Do" response that embeds the how key points versus a less than excellent response that only includes the answer.

Once you expect an excellent response in your plans, the natural next step is to expect this level of response from your students. But what do you do when your students aren't generating these types of responses?

When you're seeing a gap between your students' responses and your desired responses, think about the following questions:

  • Which what or how key points are missing?
  • What prompt should I use to get them to state their what or how key point?

When you can accurately pinpoint the answers to these two questions and take appropriate actions, you will be able to address student misconceptions and drive them towards practicing in the We Do with excellence!

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Before Reading: Building a Vision For Excellence

This past week, we dove into the key elements that make up the Before Reading portion of a guided reading lesson. An effective Before Reading draws straight from the bottom lines and helps students restate previously reviewed key point.

We have begun to build up our a library of a book introductions that go after each bottom line. While not all the videos are shot in the classroom, they still give you a sense of the structure and language of lessons at these levels.

As you watch these videos, please note some of following things:

STEP 5: Character Change (Word Solving: Punctuate)

  • Before Reading includes both comprehension and word solving key points
  • There is a quick note on how to apply the word solving skill but not an extended practice or introduction of the skill; students would have likely skill in phonics or, in this lesson, language arts lesson
  • Provide big question for students to think about when reading

STEP 9: Cross-book Theme

  • Before Reading is comprehension only focused
  • Provide a big idea question
  • Set students up for an independent work


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Rocketship Discovery Prep teachers have created "figurative language" trackers that classes fill out every time they spot figurative language during their lessons!


None this week... please be on the lookout next week!


Happy Birthday!

Wishing a very happy birthday to all of our February birthdays...

2/9: Marie - TK, RSCP

2/14: Julia - K, RBM

2/17: Amy - K, RNNE

2/22: Caroline - G1, RUA

2/22: Marianne - K, RUA

2/25: Stacey - G1, RNNE

2/25: Anna - K, RSCP

2/25: Ernie - G3, RSSP

2/28: Aditi - G3, RSA

16-17 RA/RC Working Group

Monday, Feb. 22nd, 5:15pm

2001 Gateway Place

San Jose, CA

Please join us as we dive into and share 15-16 materials. We are excited for your input! Whether you have been able to join us for a working group this year or not, you are welcome to come.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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