Working At Belfair Knoll Farm

Local Hunter Jumper Facility

Part Time Barn Manager

As Barn Manager, I prepare and feed specified grain to horses, handle all turn out, take responisibility for daily waters, hay, and supplements, as well as basic barn cleaning and matenence. I am responsible for any extra day to day nessesities of the horses, such as blanketing, flyspraying, bandaging, and or wrapping hooves. I am to report to farm owner Brooke Moore to let her know of any goings on, issues, or updates of situations.

My Most Valuble Lesson

Working with horses makes me realize that I am not the subject of my job. I do not have a defenant quitting time, rather I stop working when I have finished working. If I take my responsibilties lightly there is chance for error, and with horses, errors rarely go with out consequence. Collectivly, my job at Belfair knoll has taught me responsibility, repect towards the normal flow of a running farm, and given me ample opportunity to prove to myself what I can accomplish.