The History of the Cell Theory


The Three Parts of the Cell Theory

1.All living things are made up of cells.

2.Cells are the basic function in all structure and function.

3.Cells only come from other cells.

Robert Hook

Born July 28th 1635

Institution Oxford University

Found cell theory January 1, 1653

Died March 3, 1703,

The fascinating cell theory

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Antonvan Leeuwenhoek

Born October 24, 1632,

Died August 26, 1723,

The first microbiologist

He was known for his improvements on the microscope and contribution to Microbiology.

Theodor shwenn

Born December 7, 1810

Died January 11, 1882

Contributed to the development of the cell theory.

Discovered Schwann cells in the peripheral nervous system and in 1837 Schwann isolated enzyme.