Hide-A-Hose Installation

Install a central vacuum system in your home

Why You Need A Central Vacuum System With Hide-A-Hose Installation

In order to keep the house clean, many of us lug a traditional vacuum up and down stairs to complete this necessary chore. This is one of the most daunting and time-consuming tasks of the day. The worst part is that you have to store it in an overfilled closet and when you have to pull it out of the closet, you have to rearrange all of the contents again. You can reduce the hassle of the cleaning process by installing a central vacuum system in your home.

Central vacuum systems have made cleaning much easier. It is portable and features long hoses and specific cleaning tools that can access hard-to-reach areas and remove the dust by expelling it outside. With a central vacuum system, cleaning has become faster and more efficient. When you spend less time vacuuming, you use less electricity, which reduces your carbon footprint. Many of the models are bagless which means that you no longer have to carry that heavy equipment while cleaning, thus, making your process hassle free.

If you are confused about how to install a central vacuum system in your home, then you can call the professionals. Custom Vacuum Systems is one of the professional and highly acknowledged companies based in Long Island with over 40 years of experience in installing central vacuum systems in new as well as existing houses. They have a team of skilled technicians known for their professional installation, DIY installation kits, and high quality, branded central vacuum supplies. Their central vacuum store has a huge inventory with all the central vacuum accessories and supplies of all the models to fulfill all your requirements like bags, filters, cleaning kits, hoses, hose management solutions, power heads, and belts, etc.

The best thing about this central vacuum system is that it has a convenient hide-a-hose means the vacuum hose can be stored inside the wall where it is enclosed within the system’s vacuum tubing when not in use. When needed, you can pull out the hose and can start cleaning. When finished, you can pull back the hose into the wall through the inlet. For quick, efficient, and affordable hide-a-hose installation customers can contact Custom Vacs at 631-544-0740 or for more information regarding their services and products, please visit www.customvacs.com.