by walter dean myers

Will steve receive a fair trial when he has already been labled a monster?


Steve Harmon is on trial for murder but he pleads to be guilty.It happen from July 6 and it doesn't have a year when it happens in Manhattan new York. Steve was on the trial cause they thought he killed Mr nesbitt armed robbery.He tells them he wasn't guilty.Before he went to prison he talks about his plans to be a film maker before his arrest.He made movies about life in the dangerous neighborhood where he lived.


I choose this book because it looked really interesting to read. it was a really good favorite part of the book is when he is not guilty.I liked this book because it was interesting to hear about he was inacent but know body else believed him.i would rate this book a four star because it was a really good book to read.I would recommend this book for older teens.
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Monster Book Trailer
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