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Shorthorn Booster Club Weekly Newsletter 9/18/2016

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Flags look great around town...get yours soon!

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Booster Club Flags- $25.00 ea.

Booster Club News

  • Next Meeting: Thursday, September 22 @ 6:30PM at Senglemann Hall- Don't miss it!
  • Family membership Still underway- join today for only $25. Members only will receive a member exclusive t-shirt as well as a new car decal. Other items are also on sale now including new flags, yard signs and t-shirts.
  • Corporate membership never too late to join - lots of options available there. For a minimum of $125, you'll get a new flag and a display sign. Check out the other details listed on the website under "Membership"
  • PINK OUT (10/14) game day shirt are on sale now- only $12.00- Deadline for order is October 1- Don't miss on the PINK OUT link for your order form (in case your kids are like mine and don't bring it home!)