Welcome aliens to earth!!!

Here is some places to help your visit. BY:Chris Prince

Places you might want to visit.

  1. the Grand Canyon in Arizona because it is a proud nature made canyon and it is a huge site to gaze upon.
  2. If you like the Grand Canyon then right below it, in Brazil is the Amazon Rainforest

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a temperate zone so you will need some all-around clothes. first you will need t shirts ( the number varies by how long your staying) but also bring two pairs of extra... Everything! Now I would recommend you wear the Ali shorts 2000 because they have built in heaters and coolers. You will also need the longer jons for your cold days at the canyon. Then of course your going to want to film it so bring in the Stop Pro 2 camara idea because it can take video when you stop moving. Also throw in the green jeans for leg protection.

Advantages and Disadvantages

These 2 natural features have both pros and cons the pros of the amazon rain forest is that we can have a good supply of wood and a beautiful place to look at. the cons are that it becomes a target for loggers and poachers so we have to protect it . The pros of the Grand Canyon are that it is a beautiful site to see and lots of activities to do. The cons are that it can become extremely hot so there is a chance of getting severly sun burnt. Then sence its huge you can also fall.

The Amazon Rain forest

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As you can see this is a beautiful place for hiking or just walking


The Amazon is a hot tropical zone so i do not advise heavy packing only pack what you need along with lots of ater to drink. so shorts tang top light socks ( not Wool) . maybe a aliy pack 4 with your stuff and put a G.P.S (Galaxy Positing Unit) But sence there is so much danger there I advise you to bring the newest ray gun from Plinka and "set your phasers to stun"-Spock 1940 somthing.


We divide the Earth in some types of regions
1.time zones
Why:because the way the earth orbits we all see the sun in different places depending on where we are. so we don't wake up at 2 in the morning. when the sun is not out. So when you go to space then to the canyon you will experience as much as a 4 hour time change.
2. continents
Why: Because the Earth was made that way.Now a continent ia a large land mass surrounded by water so bring a boat or a flying saucer.

2.North and South

Why: because of the Equator . The farther away you get from the equator the colder it gets so stay close.

The Artic Circle

This is not a place for walking but a place for exploring maybe you can mush some husky dogs
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So cold! You will need to bring thick heavy coats and polar protecters be ready for snow storms it is cold.