My work experience

My work

The best work experience

My work experience was in Wembley marks &Spencer. Its clothes shop and it’s big and there are different sections for everyone for men’s, woman, kids, home equipment’s and clearance section.

I worked two weeks seven hours a day. I tidied clothes, puts pips on hangers, used the till to check prices, helped customers, and I was in fitting rooms to helped customers.

I like my manager and colleagues as they were very polite, friendly, helpful, honest, and clever. They always helped me and if I don’t understand they said it again.

I like my work experience because it was interesting, brilliant, unique, and fantastic. They offered me a job. I was so happy when they did. Now I am working with them part-time and I'm very happy.

I think work experience is a good idea because it builds your confidence and you’ll have the offer working with new people you will improve you communication skills.

I think it benefits to students by improving their behaviour. Sometime work experience gives ideas to student for their future.