Queen Elizabeth the First

She's the first because everyone else is just the worst!

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Her Accomplishments--- only some of many and why she should have YOUR vote.

Queen Elizabeth the first, despite a trying childhood was able to become one of England's most notable and well known monarchs. Her Majesty is determined and unfaltering in her loyalty to the realm. She is often referred to as "The Virgin Queen" as she was never married. Why did she never marry? The answer to that is easy- it is because she was much too focused on the state that in a way she actually was married. Queen Elizabeth was married to her work and that , to her, was just as fulfilling as an actual marriage. For a very long time, England was referred to as the Master of the Seas. This nickname came from this very Queen as it was through her work, her ships, which destroyed the Spanish Armada- the greatest known at the time. During her reign, as well, the doctrine of the Church of England was finally established. After four monarchs on the throne- though on there for various lengths of time- it seems right that the establishment of this church should fall into Queen Elizabeth's hands as she had the ability to see how much blood the church can spill. Although, she was a protestant, in her kingdom's church she allowed for a mixture of catholic and protestant ideas. In addition to this, she all out refused to hold a bit of mercy towards the Puritan extremists. Queen Elizabeth held her people first, and did not under any circumstances, allow her own to be hurt when she had the power to stop it.