Yosemite Half Dome

Half Dome

Yosemites Half Dome

This ominous landmark that looks eerie at night is one of Americas most popular tourist attractions. It's no wonder that it is, because this is also one of Americas most beautiful sights. Many people hike it as well. But, the beauty comes with a dark secret...

So the statistics on the Half Dome are impressive. The hiking distance is around 20 miles via Glacier Point, another one of Yosemites popular attractions. The time it takes to hike it is 10-14 hours. But a man named Kyle Williams charged the trail in 2:23:51.

Then there's the beautiful location that the Half Dome is in. It is located right next to Little Yosemite Valley. It has deep valleys, huge meadows, and an enormous wilderness area. This place is a beautiful vacation destination.

There are specific things you need in order to hike on the Half Dome. You need a permit, which costs around $5. People can only climb when the cables are up. You are not allowed to camp on the Half Dome, either. So those are things you need in order to climb the Half Dome.

Yosemite has numerous attractions around the Half Dome. Glacier Point is rated #1 in Yosemite attractions. There is also Yosemite valley and tunnel view. Those are some attractions around it.

The Yosemite half dome is one of the most well liked attractions in America. It has beautiful valleys, stunning meadows, and gorgeous trails. But... There is a dark secret to all of the beauty. There have been more than 60 people that have died on the alluring half dome trail.

Glacier Point

Glacier point is rated #1 in Yosemite attractions, and it allows access to half dome. This makes Yosemite a beautiful place to go on vacation

Tunnel View

Tunnel view offers a gorgeous view of the half dome and has stunning valleys around it. If you visit Yosemite you must go to tunnel view.

Little Yosemite Valley

Angelic meadows all around it, with the half dome nearby, this is the place to get rooms for the night after climbing the half dome.