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Alaska is a huge state, lets get that straight. Up there don't be surprised if you can't's always light there for part of the year! There are lots of glaciers up there. Glaciers are mountains of ice which are made over millions of years. They often grow on mountains and those ARE dangerous! But there's even something even WORSE THERE. Polar bears!! Oh, and if a penguin waddles past you something has gone horribly wrong! The penguins live in the south pole. The pacific ocean is to the south and the arctic ocean is to the north. The bering sea is to the west. To the east is Canada. On the other side of the bering sea is Russia. Alaska has two so called "tails" that are formed by mountain ranges. There are many caribou and whales that live there. [note: you'll be pleased to hear caribou do not eat whales or vice verca.] There are many volcanoes down south in Alaska. [You'll be pleased to hear volcanoes do not eat caribou or whales or vice verca.] Most of the volcanoes are extinct, but a handful are dormant and a few erupting as you read this. [You'll be pleased to hear...oh you get the idea.]
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The inuit and aleut are related to the American Indians. They both hunt many animals. The Russians owned and claimed land. William Steward bought Alaska for a few million dollars. happened. With the gold rush many mined gold and copper. The most famous gold rush was in California. [you'll be pleased to hear that caribou and whales do not eat California and volcanoes or vice versa.] Then in the second world war islands were captured. Alaska was vital because of runways and military highways, as well as it was important because of a offensive position against Japan.

Fun Facts

Alaska is not called "land of the midnight sun " for no reason. The sun is out during the night in the summer, hence the name. OH I forgot!!! Begin packing your bags because your moving after you hear this news!!! You get to fly everywhere in Alaska!!!!!!!!!! And don't drive to the emergency room to get ear treatment because you DID'NT hear me wrong!!! You get to fly!!!! Oh and Alaska's population is 626,932 people...sorry are we keeping you up? Zzzzzzzzzzz! WELL NO WONDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GET TO FLY!!!!!!!! EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sometimes at midnight you can play sports like baseball, because the sun stays out during certain times of the year. Some climbers will climb glaciers. You can race sled dogs too! At night you can watch the northern lights. There is a cool ice sculpture contest. These sculptures look awesome. In June they celebrate the midnight sun fest where they celebrate sun at night.
HD Northern Lights timelapse, Eureka, Alaska March 2013
Alaska Summer 2012 Timelapse
alaska skydive center RW