Going Fishing for Love

By: Ella Bartman


Hi! My name is Lela the Lemur. I am from Madagascar. I am a primate with nocturnal habits. My nose is wet, so get ready for some Eskimo kisses! Most of my kind have divergent digits on their hands and feet and have nails instead of claws. Sine I am warm-blooded, my friends, family, and I think of me as warm and friendly.



Hello! My name is Thomas the Trout. Even though I'm cold-blooded, I think of myself as a pretty hot guy. I live in the water, but you can still visit me. I have some really cool gills that help me breathe underwater. I prefer cold water to warm-water, and I am not a fan of salt water at all. Better watch out, because I can see very well in water and in all directions! Despite my tiny brain, I'm very adept at outwitting anglers during fishing season!
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