Creations From the Art Room

Fall Edition 2021


Kindergarten Art students have been learning the elements of shape: dot, circle, straight line, curved line, and angle line.


1st Grade

2nd Grade Art

3rd Grade Art

4th Grade Art

4th grade students have been studying Romare Bearden and his work in their Inspirational Studies class. In art, they experienced what it is like to create a collage like Romare Bearden's. They would say, “it’s fun," "it’s hard," and "this takes a long time.” Each collage had the same subject but turned out uniquely.

5th Grade Inspirational Studies

5th Grade students studied Ionic, Doric and Corinthian columns used in Roman architecture. They did a value study of an Ionic column.

Early Christian Art in Rome

Each 5th grade student recreated a Christian clay “coin” or “seal”. These were discovered with fish emblems or peacocks. The fish symbol represented Christianity and the peacock, eternal life.

Big picture

6th Grade Inspirational Studies

Learning about Ghiberti and goldsmithing, 6th Grade created a Renaissance repousee cross in metal.

Junior High Art

High School Art

High School Art has been learning illustration. This assignment was to use the techniques of an illustrator we have been studying to create a self portrait. This is a preview of their work which is displayed anonymously per the students request. Their work reflects them and is very well done.

It's such a joy to teach your students!

K-12 Arborbrook Art Teacher