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Weekly Update ~ September 21, 2015

Curriculum Corner

Hello Oak Grove Community,

Is there such thing as a “math person”? Renaissance Learning posted a research article in July of 2015 that tries to answer that very question. While Jan Bryan compares math learning to Shakespeare and Jason Bourne, she also made some great suggestions of how to support our young learners in developing their math skills.

So once again, researchers attempted to answer the old question, nature vs. nurture. When looking at 10 year old twins, one study found that 32-45 percent of math skill comes from their genes (Kovas, et al., 2007). A follow up study (Kimball, 2014), found that 55-68 percent of achievement in math can be explained by factors other than a child’s genetics. Teacher expertise and a student’s commitment to their learning becomes the focus rather than looking at a child’s innate ability. Another study found that IQ does not predict growth in math, it only determines a student’s starting point (Murayama, et al., 2012)

When you have conversations with your children at home, embrace your love (or fake love) of all things mathematical. Thinking like a mathematician, talking like a mathematician, and growing as a mathematician all take practice. While we know that starting points are finite, growth is infinite! Continue to engage your child in math conversations while at the grocery store, taking a walk, or even in the car on the way to your next destination and you too could become the Jason Bourne of mathematicians!

SEL News

Dear Kindergarten through 5th grade parents,


All of you will receive or have received an invitation to log into Class DOJO. I plan to use Class DOJO to share with you what your child has worked on. Please try and log into Class DOJO at some point this week and read the “Class Story” to know more about what your child did this week! You can write back to me, ask me questions and more! I will also give you simple and easy activities to help reinforce these excellent life skills!

Be proud of your 4th & 5th graders as they continue to lead the way for our younger elementary students! They have made videos to help the students learn, signs to inspire the children. They are also doing a fantastic job acting out and participating in real life scenarios that build their life skills and will hopefully provide them with tools to prevent friendship issues in the future.

Kindergarten & first graders did a beautiful job this week following directions! They love our puppets Super Snail & Peaceful Puppy! Second through fifth graders were identifying the different feelings we may have when presented with the same situation as our friends. We are learning to recognize our friends feelings and be empathetic towards them.

Keep smiling,

Mrs. Kiefer

Social Emotional Learning Teacher Kindergarten-5th Grade

Snowflake 2015

October 16, 2015 - 7th & 8th grade students

Parents don’t miss out on this great family experience. It is truly worthwhile and will make a difference in your student’s life. Snowflake promotes healthy peer relationships, responsible decision making, and resisting negative peer pressure. To confirm placement for your child, please fill out the permission form and payment, found in the Virtual Backpack.

Adult Yoga

Looking for an hour of “me time”? Then come to adult yoga at OGS!

We meet on Wednesdays from 3:40-4:40 in the elementary library. All levels of yoga are invited. Please see the attached letter from our instructor Mrs. RuthAnn Grant. Your rate will be prorated to $50 for the 5 remaining classes in this session. If you are interested in joining please email Cathie Saia at saia@ogschool.org. Space is limited to 10 additional openings. Email early if you want to save your spot! Please click here for more information regarding the class.

Yoga for Kids

Yoga For 2nd and 3rd graders returns!

Click here to view the flyer in the Virtual Backpack.

PTO News

September 21, 2015

A Message from PTO Co-Presidents Lisa Perrone and Mia Hughes:

Hot Lunches this week:

Monday - Quesadilla/Hot Dog

Tuesday - Panino/Potato

Wednesday - Pizza

Thursday - Panda Express

Save the date:

The Jr. High Book Fair (Grades 5-8 only) will be held October 5th-8th. Look for more details in next week's news.

Box Tops

Once again, it’s time to begin the Box Tops for Education collection drive! Every year this program earns about $3,000 for Oak Grove School. Please start looking at the products you buy, clip the Box Top coupons off the packaging, and send them in with your child at any time. It's that easy! A list of participating products and more information can be found at http://www.boxtops4education.com. Please remember we only collect Box Tops for Education through the General Mills program, NO soup labels, NO Labels for Education, NO yogurt lids, or anything else! We will be collecting the Box Tops 3 times this year sometime around the following dates: October 1st, February 1st, and May 15th. We will also have a contest again for grades K - 5. After the May collection, the classroom in each grade that has collected the most Box Tops will receive a treat! If you have a child in Jr. High, please drop off Box Tops to the Jr. High Office. Though they will not be counted for the classroom contest, you will still be helping to raise money for our school.

Thank you for your help with this easy fundraiser for our school!

Box Tops Coordinators:

Maureen Burke and Amy Eberhardt

847-367-4995 847-732-7114

Mmburke2@aol.com amy@edseyart.com

Virtual Backpack

Please click HERE to view the flyers in our Virtual Backpack.

Oak Grove School Board of Education

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