Ixonia News

Weekly Update 3/21 to 3/24

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Monday, March 21

  • Poison control demonstrations in Ixonia Library

  • Week 4 reading logs go home

Tuesday, March 22

  • BLT Meeting 7:15 am

  • Art awards show at Roots Coffee Shop in Oconomowoc, 6:00 pm (Mikey Romand and Sawyer Schroeder have art on display)

Wednesday, March 23

  • Shredding bin swapped out - bring anything you have to be taken away!

  • 3rd grade field trip to OAC “Jack and the Beanstalk” 12:30-2:!5 pm

Thursday, March 24

  • Final reading logs to be returned

  • PBIS Celebration and Egg Crack Off (stay tuned for some wonderful surprises!) - 2:30 p.m. (GYM)

Friday, March 25-April 3


Upcoming Dates:

  • Back to school April 4 - Dee comes back!

  • April 4 - Running Club begins - Kayla

  • April 5 - Staff Meeting 7:30-8:15 am

  • April 5 - PBIS Kick-off - video in classrooms

  • April 5-April 12: 3rd & 4th grade Forward testing

BLT Meeting Tuesday 7:30-8:15 (LIBRARY)


  • Determine conference dates
  • April Environmental activities

PALS testing changes GRADES 1 & 2

Great news from the state & district regarding changes PALS minimum requirements for grades 1-2 for this year (see link):


As you can see, the Entry Level Summed Score tasks they describe are the only tasks that are required this year. They make up the Summed Score with is the data that we use when analyzing our school and students.

Because the reading passages in the PALS testing is duplicated with our F and P and MAP assessments, the district has determined that teachers will only do the entry level tasks this spring. This will reduce testing time and increase instructional time! :-)


As you know, we have needed to rely on back-up support for students with some behavioral challenges. Moving forward, I'd like to clarify this process and the two different teams (SUPPORT TEAMS VS. CPI TEAMS):

  • Regardless if a student is in special education or not, if a student is struggling in your classroom, please call the office first. The office will communicate with the support team member on-call to come and assist.
  • If the support person comes to assist and determines that the child is unsafe and might need a possible restraint, they will call the office for the "CPI team"
  • The "CPI team" will always be called over the PA system so that all team members who are available can gather. The location will also be indicated. So everyone is clear: Room 19 = sensory room; Room 1 = the special ed/resource room.
  • If the location is near you, please close your door and minimize students coming and going from your room. If you are traveling to a special, please consider your path to avoid that area. We will have a person available to redirect kids/adults if needed, but it is most helpful if they can just stay out of that area.
  • If CPI team is called, please do not try to engage in any type of conversation with those staff members, it is important that they stay focused on de-escalating that situation.
  • When the safety threat is gone, an announcement will be made: "CPI Clear."

Bus Duty and Recess Supervision

Just a reminder to all staff members that everyone has been assigned to recess and bus supervision. As the year comes closer to the end, it's easy for those duties to slip our minds. I've attached the spreadsheet in case you've forgotten. :-)

Angie, Vickie (Dawn), and Deb, are out there daily so they are most familiar with kids' routines. If anything needs to be communicated to the office and I am not outside, please first check with Angie (PM) or Deb (AM).

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Field Day Planning Team

It's awesome to think that we are already planning for the end of the year! For anyone interested in planning the field day events on Wednesday June 1st, please attend this lunch meeting on Tuesday, March 22 from 11:15-12:00. We will meet in Kayla's room.

Stay Interview Survey

Pam Casey sent this out last week. If you're able to provide input, the district would greatly appreciate it so they can improve teacher retention and satisfaction.


Staffing Updates

Bridget Viso

After 7 months with the Ixonia staff, Bridget's last day will be on Thursday. Please make sure to wish her well as she takes her turn to have a baby! She's been a great member of our school community. Thanks for all your hard work!

Jennifer Ellis

It has been shared that Jennifer will not be back for the remainder of the school year. We continue to keep her in our thoughts and prayers. We look forward to Jennifer's return to Ixonia as a 1st grade teacher in the fall! Dawn has agreed to stay with us through the rest of the school year.

New music long-term sub

Amy Ciesielski's maternity leave begins on Monday (no baby news yet!). Please welcome Kimberlie Hillmer to our school on Monday morning. She will be with us through the remainder of the year. Kimberlie will run the talent show (details soon to be communicated) and the 4th grade concert (embedded in the moving on ceremony).

Update on the School Perceptions Survey

Immediately following spring break, the district will be launching a school perceptions survey regarding the community's feeling about the possible referendum questions.

Here's a link to frequently asked questions regarding our facilities: http://www.oasd.k12.wi.us/page.cfm?p=6584

The following documents are included to help understand the process:

· “Staff Flyer” simplifies the survey process and timeline

· “Survey Options” is an overview of what’s being tested in the survey.