Native American Culture

By Zach Lynn and Justin Kroeger

Native American Origins

Native Americans or Indians were the first people to live in the new world, they had been living there long before the europeans discovered America. Many historians believe that the first indian tribe came from Asia over 20,000 years ago at that time it was during the ice age so it was very cold and tested their survival skills and from there on those skills would be pasted down through out the generations

Native American Families

Families in the Native American culture don't have very many jobs/chores to do, they mostly just do essentials like gathering food and making clothes and shelter. Many indians marry at a young age between 13-15 for girls and for boys it is usually 15-20
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In the Indian culture there is no real region but there are just beliefs. They believe in a mysterious force of nature and spirits that were higher ranked than human beings. Depending on the tribe Indians could believe in one or many gods and in tribes there is usually a shaman who is the closest and can communicate with the spirits