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Norfolk Jr. High

By Zoey Gallagher

By Zoey Gallagher

Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum! By: Zoey Gallagher

'Twas a late evening on June 24, 1984.
Someone on the outside of Everland complained of a giant plant in their way trying to get into town. Then there were many firefighters trying to go up and examine this mysterious plant. They eventually got to the top, but it was very much trouble. They believe they heard weird sounds like, “Fee-Fie-Foe-Fum!” So they are just trying to fill in the gaps. They believe that a giant named Petey was eventually up there at some time, because they had heard complaints about a giant before. They never believed these reports, but those thoughts have now changed. They believe that there was an Englishman-- Johny, who climbed up this enormous beanstalk to try to retrieve a golden egg from his mysterious “golden chicken”. Then they say he must have cut himself on something and started to bleed. The giant then sensed his blood and became anxious to find out who was intruding his “beanstalk”. They got down safely and then reported him into the hospital for his cut. The giant is still mysterious today. As soon as the firefighters and everyone had made it down safely, the beanstalk shriveled down into a little seed that they did not notice. They believed that it just disappeared. Johny and everyone now live happily ever after in Everland.

Gymnastics --- By: Zoey Gallagher

The sport gymnastics, originated from Ancient Greece. This sport, was originally used for war and has been around for over 2,000 years now and is still played today. There are three types of gymnastics; Rhythmic, Artistic, and Trampoline. The word gymnasium comes from the Greek word “gymon” which means to exercise naked.

First, the gymnastics uniform, also known as the leotard, was named after famous acrobat, Jules Leotard. Vault was the first gymnastics event invented. Gymnastics is different than other sports, the judging especially. The judging starts at a perfect 10, and depending on how straight your legs are, and how pointed your toes are, is how well your score will be at the end. They do this for all 4 events and then you get awards by your all-around score, also known as all four events’ scores added together.

Next, it is very rare to earn a perfect 10, although it can happen. Perfect 10s are commonly found on the vault. Larisa Latynina with 9 gold medals, and a total of 18 awarded between 1956-1964 is marked the greatest gymnast of all time.

Finally, there can be boys and girls competing in gymnastics, just not at the same time. Boys’ gymnastics is judged on power and strength, while girls’ gymnastics is judged on artistry and strength. Floor routines consist of tumbling passes involving flips, jumps, handsprings, dance elements, turns, and pivots of various difficulty. Most gymnasts have stunted growth and severely delayed puberty. Gymnasts use chalk on the uneven bars because the chalk absorbs the sweat, allowing them to keep a tight grip on the bar.

Shawn Johnson doing a 180 degree split jump on the balance beam.


Instagram is basically where you can share pictures of you or repost others’ pictures and then you receive followers. First, when you download the app, you will make an account and then you set a profile picture and a username/password. Then you can change the settings to a private account where people can only see your pictures that you post if you accept them. Then, you post pictures of you or maybe repost other pictures from someone elses’ page that you liked. Then people will follow you and if you accept them, they’ll be able to see all of the pictures that you post. You can also follow others and look at their pictures and if you like it, you can like it by double tapping the picture or pressing the “like” button. You can also comment on pictures, too. If there’s someone who follows you and you keep rejecting it, but they still keep trying, you can go to their page and you are allowed to block them.

My Argument Against School Uniforms

I am against school uniforms, because it’s worthless to buy many of the same clothes. Also, because you wouldn’t get to show your new clothes,shoes,etc. You wouldn’t get to show your uniqueness. You would probably get sick of wearing the same thing over and over again.

Movie Review-- Stick It

Are you into gymnastics? Stick It is a Drama/Comedy about a girl named Haley who comes back to her old gymnastics academy in California and no one is very pleased with it, because she had the nerve to leave them before. One of the other girls, Joanne, thinks that Haley is a show-off and no one really likes her. Can they still win the USA competition with Haley on their team? This movie’s message to you is that it’s important never to give up and keep following your dreams until there’s no path to follow. This movie appeals to me as a great movie because it’s about gymnastics, and someday I want to be able to do the skills that I see them do.
Stick It Trailer