The Warrior Way

Week of February 1st

Making Gains!

I have been looking closely at our Evaluate scores over the past week and I am encouraged with the growth we are showing. I appreciate your focus and willingness to adapt and be flexible in order to meet the needs of our students. Everyday that you spend with your students is important and I see the value you place on providing high quality instruction on a daily basis. I am confident that together we are going to continue to see growth in all of our students.

I know I've talked to many staff members about my school visit last week and the motivation and encouragement it has given me. The school I visited was the lowest performing school in their district just 8 years ago. They were considered the "black sheep" because of those scores and some of the struggles they had within the building. They had and still have the highest free and reduced rate in their district. Their transient rate was and still is extremely high and they have a very high ELL population. Eight years ago they decided collectively that they were going to change their story and the issues that had helped them to earn the "black sheep" label were not going to hold them back. That school is now the highest performing school in their district and in the top 5 of the entire state. I have faith in our staff and the steps we are taking to improve each day. We will continue to set our plan and map out the keys to success for our building. I could not be more excited to be on this journey with each of you!!

Proud to be a Warrior,


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Weekly meetings and Walk-thrus

Below is a picture of what I would like to start seeing in our weekly grade level meetings. I know this has been a changing format as we work through what will best support you in meeting the needs of our students. I know that due to different reasons each grade level is not at the same spot in this process. However, I would like to start our collegial walk-thrus. We will have a half sheet form that will have two stars and a question. The two stars are observations of either interactions with students, work that was being completed, a chart on the wall, anything that you see as a positive in the classroom. The question is your chance to ask the teacher about something great you see that you would like more information about. There is absolutely nothing evaluative or judgmental in this process. There are great things happening in all of our classrooms and I believe we need the opportunity to share with each other. We will rotate each month who you are seeing and my hope is in the future we may make adjustments to our schedule so we can see multiple content areas.

Following the walk thrus we will take a few minutes to debrief and think about how you could incorporate ideas into your own classroom.

This month:

5th will observe 4th

4th will observe 3rd

3rd will observe 5th

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If you have not already done so please follow the "your center" link below to add your thoughts to the group. I have a plan for using your ideas for our building.

Jobs for the Week!

Morning Announcements:Bromwich

Lunch count North: Baez

Lunch count South: James

If it is your week for morning announcements please send 4 to 5 students to the office by 7:40 each day to assist with announcements.

Below is a link to a calendar of classroom jobs for the year. Please let me know if there any other classroom responsibilities that I should add. We may find the the need to add more throughout the year as well.


Attendance for the year is still above 95%. Outstanding!!!

Please be sure to turn in your attendance by 8:00 each day. This greatly assists us in getting calls out to families in a timely manner.

Thank you for all you continue to do to make Winfield Intermediate a great place to be!

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Looking forward to a great week!

Monday February 1st: 5th grade MRI collaboration

Dr. Steffes available for U of I guidance(U of I due in one month:)

Newspaper club

PTO meeting-6:00 Intermediate Library

Tuesday February 2nd: 10:30-12:00-Jeff meeting with Ms. Baker

Bell Choir

Math club

Tier 2 meeting

Wednesday February 3rd: Early release no Sparcl

Jeans Day!

1:00-2:00- Cyberbullying-Tina Meir Foundation-Intermediate Library

2:00-3:15- Curriculum/Evaluate work with teams

Thursday February 4th: MRI coaching day-schedule TBA

Tier 1 meeting

Math Club


Friday February 5th: 4th grade curriculum day:)

Big Dreams!

Big dreams matched with strong conviction will yield big results!!!! I have so much confidence in our staff that I can barely contain my excitement on some days. Thank you!!
Kid President Has a Dream!