theme and characters

brinkley carter


character traits in a story are very important. It will help us understand more about the character itself. Knowing different character traits in different stories will help us know a bit of a background of information with the traits. Some traits can also relate to real life situations, and help us understand them better. Real life examples from characters will also help us individually be the best we can be.


by thoroughly understanding theme, we can learn may help us be a more intelligent and brighter student and person. We can relate to some of the characters actions or mistakes with real life experiences. By understanding themes in a story, it can help us not make the same mistakes some of the characters made and help expand our horizons.

Allied with Green

in the article Allied With green the theme was to not take plants for granted, and to take care of them. If there were no theme, there would be no point on writing that story. There wouldn't be an overall message that the author wanted to tell or teach. It teaches us to take care of our plants and our nature.

Seventh Grade

In the story Seventh Grade the overall theme was "love can make people do crazy things." The theme is the overall outtake of the story. It is important in our lives because its a learning experience, and Victor got himself in some very embarrassing things just to impress Teresa, this relates back to the overall theme of the story. This teaches us to be ourselves in real life.