Powerschool Usage

Jasmine Joplin

Grades and Attendance

This link sends you to where your current classes and grades are. If you click on one of your grades, you get to see what grades you got on all of your assignments. This gives you a way to check to see if you are missing anything and a good way to see if you can improve your grades. The other things that are included here are the room numbers of the classes. This way, if you forget your schedule, you can go back and find what class you have.

If you click on one of your current grades in a class, there will be a link to their blackboard site (if they have one) under selection description.

A+ Program

In this link, it shows if you have any A+ hours and it also gives you your GPA and what rank you are out of all of the students in your graduating class. At the bottom of the page, it gives you a percentage of your attendance history from Freshman year.

Grade History

This link shows you your recent grades from that year. During second semester, it shows you the grades you got from semester one. It is a good way to see how you can improve in the second semester.

Other Links to Use

Attendance History

This shows you what days you missed or what hours you might have missed if you were sick or had an appointment. This is a good way to go to the teachers of the class you missed and get the missing work you might have.