My Poems


The Sun!!-personification

The peaceful sun danced with the moon as it listened to the stars.

The athletic sun chucked the stone across the mountain.

The angry sun blazed the flowers from across the field.

The lazy sun went out at night as he declared"GOOD NIGHT"


I have a little dog named Sadie.

She is quite the little lady.

When ever I come home.

she is sitting there all alone.

She always chews on a squeaky toy.

She is so hyper and filled with joy!!

Bob the Builder-Limerick!!

Bob the Builder has an interesting tool.

He is such a big old fool.

He works in a big shop.

Where there is a lot of slop.

Bob the Builder thinks he's cool.

But he acts like he is in preschool.

Basketball-Similies and Metaphors!!

Every Thursday and Sunday I go to basketball practice.

We start off with some easy drill's that mostly involve passing.

We cant move on from drills because my coach is a drill seargent.

He starts off calm when we mess up.

Then he yell's so loud that Africa can hear it.

His voice is like a giant booming speaker.

Some easy drill's are passing drills and shooting drills.

The key to making it in the basket is to imagine that the ball is going to swish through the basket as if you are swishing through the basket yourself.