CR West News & Notes

To Know God and to Make Him Known

Finish Strong

February is the shortest month, yet it can feel so very long! We need the Lord to give us refreshment and respite in order to press on through the end of these winter months.

I am encouraging everyone to take time on Monday for our last community day of prayer and fasting. Seek the Lord, read His word, and rest in His presence.

Please reach out to your "rope holder" as well to see how you can pray for her.

We are a team, a community of women encouraging and supporting one another, so let's finish strong together!!

Here's a blog entry from Sarah Mackenzie to give you some inspiration....

Legislative Alert

If you haven't done so already please keep abreast of this bill.

Fine Arts, Science & Essentials

Just when you were getting comfortable, we're changing things up again! :)

Our last quarter of Foundations focuses on science projects (versus science experiments). These projects are designed to complement the science grammar covered in Cycle 2. Students will design paper airplanes, build bridges and construct egg nests.

For Fine Arts we'll be studying the Orchestra and great composers. Students will listen to the work of master composers and learn new grammar to help them identify parts of the orchestra.

For Essentials the focus changes to our Faces of History presentation. Students will write a research paper and present the paper in the form of a speech. This event is slated for March 22nd.


Our Practicum dates are set! Please mark your calendar and plan to attend.

Parker - Faith Baptist Church - June 28-30

Castle Rock - Ridgeline Church - July 26-28

My Challenge to You

For our last quarter I'm issuing a challenge to our moms and kids.....step up your presentation game! What I mean is take time to evaluate where you child is excelling with his presentation and where he can improve. As a reminder, here is what we focus on for Presentations...

--focus is on SKILL versus content

--focus is on building confidence

--focus is on improvement

--focus is on asking good questions (as an audience member)

Our end goal is to work toward a third year Essentials Faces of History be able to present from memory or limited notes with poise and confidence given a specific time frame.

Think about how your child can improve and focus on presentations for the next six weeks--that is my challenge to you! :)

Open House

Wednesday, March 8th, 9am

550 East Wolfensberger Road

Castle Rock, CO

We are hosting an Open House on March 8th so that new families can experience Foundations and Essentials in action!

Please let me know if you know someone who may be interested. The prerequisite is to have attended an IM. Also, each family may visit one open house. RSVP is required, so please along any interested families to me. Thanks!

Mom's Tea

Sunday, March 19th, 12:15pm

519 Wilcox Street

Castle Rock, CO

Mom's event for March will be tea at the Augustine Grill. Reservations are required so please RSVP by March 1 to Robyn O'Lear so she can give them a head count! More details about what they serve, etc here:

Cost is $26.95 + tax per person

Homeschool Day at the Capitol

Friday, April 7th, 8:45-11:45am

200 East Colfax Avenue

Denver, CO

Come to the annual CHEC Homeschool Day at the Capitol on April 7th and stand for educational and religious liberty!

Join over a thousand other freedom-loving people from around the state for a fun field trip - lots of activities like self-guided Capitol tours, a Liberty Celebration, a fife & drum parade, a big rally on the Capitol steps, and more.

But most importantly: Homeschool Day at the Capitol is the #1 way for YOU to make an impact on your legislators’ support for homeschooling freedom.

Register here for free: