Titanium On The Loose

Reward 4,787,000

Last Seen

He was last seen being used as a machete at a bank robbery. He was seen with his accomplish chromium and iron. He loves to stay in the earth's crust. His family is in group 4.


It is is a bright silvery white and he weighs about 48.87. Don't let his size fool you. He is one of the strongest metals in the world. He is mentally stable so he won't blow up. He is the 22nd most wanted man in the world. He is a solid metal at room temperature. His nicknames are hexagonal, orebody 31, and, Luobusha ophilite.

1st arresting officer

He was first discovered by William Gregor. He was a young geologist who was working in Cornwall, England. He was when he was in a mine he saw a clump of iron and with it, was another clump of a weird white metal. After he realized this metal was not an element he reported his findings to the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall. He never realized that he had uncovered a criminal. He named titanium after the titans because of the strength. His gang sign is Ti.

Crimes Wanted for

Titanium has been spotted in airplanes, boats, and space craft. This element has also been seen in people's joints and mouth. He is a strong metal and will be hard to break. He also seen with iron and aluminum. If seen with these metals watch out they are stronger than you think. Just be careful at all time.


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