By Laurie Halse Anderson


Speak is about Melinda. She is a freshman in high school. Her friends went to a party and it had alcohol. Melinda drank some alcohol. Melinda walked outside and saw a senior boy named Andy Evans. She ended up getting raped by Andy. She called the police,she was drunk so she couldn't tell anyone what had happened. They ended the party and everyone found out Melinda called them,now she has no friends. " I close my eyes,this is what iv'e been dreading. As we leave the last stop,I am the only person sitting alone." page 3.

Character Analysis

Melinda is 15 years old. She began the school year and ended it with having no friends. Almost everyone bullies her now. No one knows she was raped at the party. "How can I talk to them about that night? How can i start?" page 10.


Character vs self. Melinda doesn't have any friends. She also has no guts to stick up for herself. She is very quiet when she is at school. She needed to tell someone really bad what had happened. After being in high school for a year she tells someone about it. "You're a good kid, I think you have a lot to say. Id like to hear it." . Melinda told Mr.Freeman (her art teacher) what had happened.


The theme is finding your own voice. You should talk to someone if something bad has happened that leads you into danger. You should speak up for yourself.

Textual Evidence

My favorite quote was "It happened. There is no avoiding it,no forgetting. No running away or flying, or burying, or hiding." This is my favorite quote from the book Speak because you can't hide everything and avoid everyone and everything.

Book Review

Speak is a really good book but is confusing in a couple ways. I would rate this book about 3 stars. Melinda is the narrator but other people talk in the book which is kind of confusing. Each chapter is different. But it is a really good book about bullying.

Multi Media Sources

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