The Montgomery Bus Boycott

By Sarah O.

The boycott is coming up!

On December 1, 1955 our dear citizen Rosa Parks was arrested for not giving up the seat for a white man on her way home from work. Rosa Parks is now being fined!

It is time to stand up for all coloured people.

It is time to end racial segregation on the city bus system!

Join The Boycott

Thursday, Dec. 1st 1955 at 6pm

Montgomery, AL, United States

Montgomery, AL

We encourage all coloured to no longer ride the city buses of Montgomery!

We believe that this will show the bus line that racial segregation on the bus shall not longer be accepted!

What can you do?

We encourage everyone to walk instead of taking the bus. Times will be tough, but we have got to stand up to make a movement, we have got to be strong!

We will organise car pools and taxis.

Remeber not be be fearful about what you are going to do when it is right!

American Freedom Stories: Montgomery Bus Boycott