By Savanna ausdemore

Tonkawas location

The Tonkawas lived on the Coastal region border closest to the Great plains . They lived in-between the Colorado river and the Brazos river.

The food the Tonkawas ate.

Tonkawa men hunted buffalo and deer and sometimes fished in the rivers. The Tonkawas also collected roots, nuts, and fruit to eat. Though the Tonkawas were not farmers, corn was also part of their diet. They got corn by trading with neighboring tribes.

How the Tonkawas food was maintained

The Tonkawas where hunters and farmers.

Tonkawa Goverment/leaderships

The Tonkawa Nation has its own government, laws, police, and services, just like a small country! But the Tonkawas are also US citizens and must obey American laws. In the past, each Tonkawa group was led by its own chief. Today, the Tonkawa tribe is governed by council members who are elected by all the tribal members.

Interesting facts about the Tonkawa

  • The Tonkawa spoke English
  • They lived on the dry grassland of the coastal plains.
  • When Children where born a piece of wood was tied to the babies head to flatten it.
  • The Tonkawas wore very little clothing and the children went entirely naked.
  • After death a person was buried with their favorite belongings.

Where are the tonkawas currently located

  • The Tonkawas are located in Oklahoma
  • 10951 Allen Drive, Tonkawa, OK 74653