US Canada Relationship

By: Reid Vocke

Economic Relationship

Th US and Canada both share a border and are connected so they have a very good trading relationship. The US Canada and Mexico have The North American Free Trade Agreement that solves rules with trading between the countries. In some instances Us and Canada work together in trading which other countries since they are connected. I think the Us and Canada work together with the economic area is because they share a lot of the same values, and cultural similarities. It helps to have partners in trading to team together.

Political relationship

Canada has a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary type of government. The US has a Presidential System with a Constitutional Republic. In the US government a president serves for 4 years and can have two terms and the us has three branches of government. Canada also has three branches of government so the Us and Canada are similar in this way too. I think The US and Canada are similar in government because the people believe the same things like how people should be treated and how the government should be run. The people of both countries also both have constitutuions they live by.

Social Relationship

For US they both have the same up bringing. Both the countries have the same beliefs in things like customs and culture since the areas are very close together. They both do the same things like high fives and have the same beliefs with things like hugging and holding hands. The relationship between the two countires is strong and friendly. Canada is influenced by American culture greatly also by things like music, movies, tv shows, and books.