Tails To The Trails Stony Creek

First Annual Charity Walk

Put On Your Walking Shoes

Join us for our first annual Tails To The Trails charity event with ALLYSON MARTINEK from 96.3 WDVD! The event will be held at Stony Creek Metro Park and will help raise funds for A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue. Bring your furry four legged friends for some good old-fashion tail wagging fun, food and prizes.

Tails To The Trails Stony Creek

Saturday, Oct. 5th 2013 at 10am-4:30pm

4300 Main Park Drive

Shelby Township, MI

Walk will be in the Baypoint beach area...

Registration begins at 10:00 am.

Preregister @ www.tailstothetrails.com

Walk begins at 12:00 pm.

Food, Refreshments, Dj and vendors will be present.

How can you help ?

So how can you get in on some of the action you may ask?

1.Become a Spon­sor or Vendor:

By becom­ing a spon­sor or ven­dor for the Tails To The Trails walk, you can make a difference for the animals we rescue every day.. Every lit­tle bit helps when an animal’s life is on the line, which is why there are spon­sor­ship pack­ages rang­ing from $50 to $3,000. For more infor­ma­tion or if you have ques­tions, please con­tact Mary @ 586-381-9476 or Ashley at 586-819-9405

2. Mark your calendars!!!

3. Walk:

Ask your friends, fam­ily mem­bers, co-workers, and any­one you can think of to walk with you!