European Union country project

By : Alexis Rimando

What is Poland?

Poland is a country apart of the European Union. The official name for Poland is Republic of Poland. It joined the European Union in 2004. But Poland isn't the founder of the European Union.

Poland history

Poland is located of the continent of Europe to the right of Germany. Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Czech Republic,Slovakia, Germany, and Russia are boarding Poland.

The flag

The colors on the flag represents history . The white represents peace. The red represents the blood shed for the battle to get independence.

Capital and major cities

Polands capital is Warsaw. Some major cities are Cracow, Gdansk, poznan, and Wroclaw.


Poland has many features that attracts people to come like lakes, mountains, and more. People should visit slowinski national park in Poland because it is the largest shifting sand dunes.

Geography of Poland

Some physical features that are in Poland are Oder,Vistula rivers, carpathains, sudetens mountains. The government type is the republic. Polands currency type is zloty (PLN).

Interesting facts!

1. Poland has more than 1,300 lakes.

2. Poland is the 9th largest country in Europe by land area.

3. national symbol is the White Eagle.