Studio Four News

Weekly Happenings in Studio Four

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Studio Four Music Performance

This Thursday, March 17th is the EPiC Studio Four and Honor Choir music performance at the Liberty Performing Arts Center inside the Liberty Community Center. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Ross at

Fine Arts Week

Dress-up days are here to celebrate Fine Arts Week on March 14-18! Each Day Studio 5 students will come around and count the number of participants who dressed up that day. On Friday, the studio with the most participation in the dress-up days will earn a treat with the fine arts teachers!

Monday: Patriotic Day, wear RED, WHITE, BLUE!

Tuesday: What NOT to Wear to a Museum or Concert, wear PJs or sweats!

Wednesday: Primary Color Day, wear red, yellow, or blue

Thursday: Secondary Color Day, wear orange, green, and purple

Friday: School Spirit Day, wear your favorite EPiC wear!

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Spring Break

Mark your calendars! Spring Break will be the week of March 21st!

Spring Pictures

Friday, April 8th is the day for Spring Pictures.

It was originally scheduled as this Tuesday, March 15th but that conflicted with Fine Arts P.J. day!

16-17 School Calendar Revised

The Board of Education approved a revision to the 2016-2017 school calendar at its February 16 meeting, changing the first day of school for EPiC's from August 9 to August 10, 2016. The first day school for the other LPS district schools were also changed. See both revised calendars below.

Revised EPiC Elementary Calendar

Revised LPS District Calendar

Studio 4 Home Learning Programs

This is an optional homework assignment for the week of March 14th. If you would like to add some extra work into your nightly schedule for your student, we have attached the items they can work on! Again, this is optional for students and a family decision.

Students can bring back this sheet for a special reward with the teachers!

EPiC Family Need Committee

Did you know EPiC PTA has a Family Needs Committee? The 45 families on this committee have been able to do some amazing things for EPiC families in need. If you missed the sign up for this committee at Back to School time, we'd love to have you join us. No meetings are involved. As needs arise, the committee is emailed and has the opportunity to contribute towards the current need. If you'd like to be included on the emails, please contact Rachel Hamann or Cori Black.

Upcoming Learning in Math


Below are the learning goals that we will be working from!
  • I can solve word problems by multiplying fractions by whole numbers.
  • I can write a decimal as a fraction.
  • I can compare two decimals to the hundredths.

Next week...

During the next week, our class will be continuing to learn how to multiply fractions and mixed numbers by whole numbers. We will learn to write a fraction as a product of a whole number and a unit fraction, and to find multiples of unit fractions.

You can expect to see work that provides practice multiplying fractions and whole numbers with and without using models.

Here is a sample of how your child will be taught to multiple whole numbers and mixed numbers.

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Upcoming Learning in English Language Arts

Literary Analysis & Compare/Contrast

We are moving from critical reviews to literary analysis in reading. We are in the middle of our shared reading book, Mr. Lemoncello's Library and will work to analyze the text in different ways. We will also be working on compare and contrasting themes and point of view in short stories and texts.
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G.U.M.S. stands for Grammar, Usage, Mechanics, and Spelling. We are introducing a self-paced learning site for review lessons and everyday skills. Students have a lesson a day to complete with a spelling list that covers a prefix or suffix of the week. They are expected to have the week's lessons completed by Thursday night. You can follow along on the learning or help them review the lessons by following along on this site. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

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Dear Families,

Good news! This month's Scholastic Reading Club flyers are ready for you to explore with your child. Children read more when they choose their own books, so we encourage you to look at the flyers together. Each flyer is filled with grade-specific, affordable titles.

Place your order online at or send the order form and payment to me. Ordering online is the easiest way to ensure we get your order on time. Also, there are more books to choose from as well as teacher recommendations.

Remember, for every book you order, our class earns FREE Books and supplies...and we have our eye on some new additions.

Thank you for your support!

PS: Books make wonderful gifts! Please let me know if your order includes a gift, and we will contact you when it arrives.

Ordering online is fast and easy:

  • ENTER the one-time Class Activation Code (top of this letter)
  • SHOP from a carefully curated selection of the best books and value packs
  • SUBMIT your order and earn FREE Books for our classroom
  • All book orders will be shipped to our classroom so we can celebrate the joy of reading together!