EAT Semester Exam

By: Victoria Likness


TRAFLES Stands For:



Appreciation of Teaching



Education Awareness

Service Project

For the letter T in TRAFLES, I intern at Holiday Heights Elementary school with Mrs. Le in first grade.The letter "R" in TRAFLES is for recreation and on Thursday, December 17, 2015 we will be having our Christmas party to end our year. For the letter "A" it is appreciation of teachers and recently we just made teacher appreciation blocks for Christmas. During thanksgiving we had turkey cake balls and handed them out to all the BCTAL teachers. For Fundraising, we sold cookie dough and raised money for our TAFE funds. For Leadership I am the afternoon class President for TAFE. Also I participated in state competitions for our chapter scrapbook. The Education awareness TRAFLES we had the pleasure to listen to Mrs. Pursley teach us how to read books to a class. She taught us how to get our students involved with the book. We also had the chance to listen to recruiters from University of North Texas, Texas State University, Texas Wesleyan University, the University of Stephan F. Austin, Tarleton State University, University of Arlington, and Texas Christian University. For Service Projects I have volunteered at Holiday Heights Elementary Science Night and also their school Carnival. I also plan to help out with Pancakes with Santa on Saturday, December 12, 2015.

I plan to continue helping out with TAFE events and also at my site school.

My Dream School

This is my dream school because I love that its three and a half hours away from home and it is something new. I also love that this school has a good education program and tons of clubs you can join!

My Future as a Teacher

I have taken the PSAT twice and plan to take the SAT in the spring. My senior year I plan to retake my SAT in the fall along with my ACT. I've considered two different options for my college plan. My first plan is to go to SFA ( which is my dream school) with scholarships for 4 years to get my teaching degree for early childhood education. If I don't get as many scholarships as I hoped, I will go to TCC for 2 years to get my basics out of the way then, transfer to SFA for my last 2 years. I plan to go and tour SFA campus summer of 2016 to make sure I could see myself there for college!