Cultural Geography

Final Exam Abigail McKenna

Section 1 (Analysis)

Unit 1: The hunger games connects to points made in unit 1 showing globalization between the districts and the Capital. For example District 12 job is to mine and provide coal for the capital. All the other districts also provide certain things to keep the capital satisfied. Another way that unit 1 connects to the film is through the unit one EU. Geography and globalization influence where, how , and why people live where they do. In the Hunger Games the people in the districts are forced to live with in the borders of their district because the Capital has power over them and does not want another uprising. So they keep the people isolated and afraid.

Unit 2: The film connects to points made in unit two showing the power shifts between the different social groups and individual people. For example once Katnis and Peta won the games their district was more recognized by other districts is a positive light and recognized by the Capital in a negative light. The Capital was upset with Katnis and Peta for embarrassing them and showing that they where week when they almost eat the poison Nightlock berry. This would make it so the Capital would not have a victor. This shifts power showing that the people could do something to shut down the capital and make them vulnerable. A shift in power between individual people is when President Snow has the game maker killed. This obviously takes power away from the game maker because he is dead, and gives power to the next game maker.

Unit 3: Unit three connects to the film mostly on the topic of competition for natural resources. For example the districts higher in number have little to no recourse. In District 12, Katnis has to go beyond the district border and hunt for their food. They are not provided with food or water, they have to fend for them selves. Wile the people in the Capital and district 1-2 are living the dream being provided with food, water, and anything they want/need. Within the poor districts people fight for resources. For example in The Hunger Games, Katnis shares a story in which she had just caught a deer and when she brought it back people went at with with knives and took huge pieces of it even though katnis had just killed it to sell and provide for her family.

Section 2 (Application)

The Hunger Game connects to the real world because the sad truth is, that there is an unbearable number of people in the world starving to death. In the Hunger games the children and adults are very poor and cant afford to fead their families let alone themselves. Another connections i that District 12 is responsible for all the coal production and mining for the Capital. In the Movie Katniss' father dies because of a accident in the mine. In the real world hundreds of people are in danger working in mines to produce the natural resources that we need.

I believe that a society like Panem in the Hunger Games would not be attained on earth. This being because if you think of it, the way that the Capital treats the districts is unheard of. I believe that if this society was to be created it would be shut down very fast by the military of other countries, like America. For example if there is a war or trouble in other counties today, we as Americans would try to help in any way we could if there was no immediate danger to our country. I have a feeling the army would step in and bring the society to an end.

Section 3 (Transfer)

How does the Hunger Games connect to me?

I find entertainment watching reality TV shows and other TV shows. In the Hunger games the Capital and some of the districts find pleasure and entertainment watching the Games. Of course we do not have reality TV shows that show children fighting to the death, but this topic seems to hit close to home for me.

How does the Hunger Games connect to States?

In the Hunger Games the Districts are like States. The districts with a higher number (district 12) are the ones that are going hungry and dying. In the world today some states are poorer than others and have people within their borders that are starving to death.

How does the Hunger Games connect to our Nation?

Our Nation could be seen as a sort of a Capital like in the Hunger Games. We do not have people fight to the death for entertainment, but our Nations leader know that there are people in their Nation that are starving and living homeless. Then again like the Capital in the film they do nothing to help people not live in misery.

How does the Hunger Games connect on an international level?

In other countries around the world people don't necessarily use human fights for entertainment but they use animal fights as entertainments. The most popular is dog fights. This could connect to the Hunger Games if the Games were dog instead of humans.