Veterinarians Life.

All about my dream job.

This job is under the Branch life.

Educations path:

Degrees: Pre-Veterinarian Medicine

This major is a major need for you to get a job as a Veterinarian. During the process you learn lots of science&mathmatics.

High school/College Classes.

High school: College classes:

* 4 years of English.

* 3 years of Math.

* 3 years of Social Studies

* 2 years of science


* 2 years of a second Language

* Handling Animals

About The School

About The Job.

More about Job

Factors: there are more national jobs then there are in WI


WI: 48,000-125,000

NA: 49,000-145,000


Name: Fox River Animal Hospital

Location: 2021 E Calumet st. Appleton, WI 54915-4742

Wrap it all up!!!

Summary: yes, I can see myself doing this one day because I love animals. Pros are that I get to work with animals: puppies&grown animals. Cons are seeing them in pain or having them die in front of me.


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