Morning Notes

Thursday 24 September, 2015

Fire Alarm

The Fire Alarm will be tested at 1030.

TODAY: USA Universities Admissions Visit

To all Grade 9 - 11 students interested in attending a North American University, we will be visited TODAY by admissions officers from three US universities.

From 1545 - 1645 meet with Trinity College, University of Virginia and University of North Carolina.

It's a great way to hear what they have to offer and to begin to inform yourselves about the US university process.

Lunch Clubs

MUN drop in club in T01 with Ms Rose, Grades 9 - 11: please can all delegates attending the MUNISH Conference drop in to the MUN lunch club today, in order to let Ms Rose know your preferences for Countries and Committees, as they will need to be assigned today. Students not attending the trip need not attend the lunchtime club this week, but are very welcome after school!

Drop in Art Club in S02 with Ms Dance

Learning Space in B01

Student Council meeting today in T02, 1220 - 1250. This has been moved from Friday this week because of arrangements for Off Campus tours during Friday lunchtime. All interested students are welcome! Come and find out how the student council works at Halcyon. We will be setting up committees for the new school year so there will be roles for everyone with an interest in having their voice heard. Students in Grades 6 - 8 are warmly invited and can have lunch in the second sitting from 1250 to 1320.

Hyde Park at Lunch Time

If you would like to go to the park today after you have eaten lunch, please line up on the left side of the Stern Hall with Fit for Sport at 1245. We do not want the lobby to become too crowded so we ask that you stay in the Stern Hall until you are lead out by Fit for Sport and the teacher on duty.

After School Clubs 1545 - 1645

Art Club in S02

Grades 7 - 8 mixed football, please meet in the HUB at 1545

Learning Space in the Hub

MUN Club is open to ALL students in ALL grades today

Drama Club is CANCELLED today

Off Campus Assembly on Friday

On Friday at 0845 we will have an assembly in the Stern Hall to discuss the off campus boundaries and safety on the streets. Please remember to go to the Stern Hall on Friday at 0845 where your advisory will be taken.

Welcome! New Student, Jana Khalil - Grade 10

On Friday 25 September, Jana Khalil will be joining Halcyon's Grade 10! Jana has just moved from Egypt to London and will be in Ms. Bartholomew's advisory. Jana is looking forward to meeting you all - please make her feel welcome!

Friday Lunch Time: Refugee Forum

Please meet Ms Cooke in T02 at lunch time on Friday 25 September.

Mark Your Calendars: Community Day Monday 28 September

Halcyon Community Days are dedicated to using London as our learning laboratory. Each Grade will have a mandatory field trip related to one of their subject courses.

All students should wear comfortable walking shoes and waterproofs, bring a charged iPad and money for lunch and a snack or a packed lunch and a snack.

Practice for the PSAT

The first PSAT is on 14 October so this is a great time to start practising.

The PSAT has the same structure as the new SAT, just without some of the hardest questions (or the optional essay). Not only is it great practice for the SAT, but your PSAT results can also help you earn national recognition and scholarships.

Practice for the PSAT.

Today's Lunch Menu

Main Dish Option 1

Grilled vegetable kebab with halloumi (GF)

Main Dish Option 2

Carrots and hummus roll up (DF)


Cream cheese and tomato bagel

Salad Bar

Mixed salad

Greek chickpea salad

Rainbow fruit salad

Cucumber and feta salad


Seasonal fruits or yogurt

Catering Feedback

Please let us know your feedback here.