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"You were born a queen, it's in your DNA."

Nefertari Takes the Stage!

There has recently been a new temple built for our dear Ramses II. But something strange has been portrayed in the front of his temple. Nefertari has been pictured next to his calf in front of his statues. Wow! He must really love her. Not many pharaohs have a wife that is so special. What is so special about Nefertari? Why aren't any other of his wives this unique?
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Hatshepsut’s Tomb was Robbed! The Chase is On!

Hatshepsut, the famous, female pharaoh was put to rest over two hundred years ago, and recently her tomb has been robbed. Now we don't know for sure which mummy Hatshepsut is. There are two that we are unsure about. Those disrespectful criminals are going to be hearing from Anubis! How dare they rob hatshepsut’s tomb, this brave female heroin is now all alone in her tomb with no objects to help her in the afterlife! Poor thing, however, Hatshepsut has already proven herself as a brave and daring woman, so there is no doubt that she will get through any obstacles!

Nefertiti's Art Craze!

Remember our dearest queen, Nefertiti? Well if you don't, there is artwork of her all around, so you should take a look at it. In the past, she was depicted as the perfect and most beautiful women for sculpting. Akenhaten had her sculpted in her original form, so you can see how beautiful she really was. We sure miss our beloved queen! But we are left to question, is this really what she looked like? Or was this a fraud?
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BREAKING NEWS! Hatshepsut was not the REAL pharaoh!

Hatshepsut was not the real pharaoh! It is said that Thutmose III was the REAL pharaoh! Why did Hatshepsut lie to her country? Another thing Hatshepsut did was kill Thutmose II, her half brother, so she could be our pharaoh! But was it worth it? Was she a better pharaoh then Thutmose the II? No one knows what to believe. Why did Hatshepsut want to be pharaoh in the first place? She said that her father promised her all her life that she would be pharaoh. Poor Hatshepsut, no one believed her...


The pyramids top has been stolen. Who did it? Why? How? When? We are not sure. Find these criminals and you will get 1,000,000 shekels. Pharaohs orders! No one knows how they pulled it off or where they went afterwards, but if you have any clues on the mystery contact the local police.
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Jade's Jewels! Help Wanted!

Help needed in Jade’s Jewels. If you are fit and have mining experience than this job is perfect for you! Pay is 8 shekels for every 24 jewels mined. Anyone caught stealing jewels will be sent to the government and will be arrested on the spot

Scribe Needed!

Scribe needed! Hanna Elks needs a scribe to have a letter written to the upward part of the kingdom. 5 bushels of wheat and a jewel necklace for whoever can do it. You need a skilled hand and your own supplies. Make sure to have the proper supplies.
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Buy the Perfect Cow-Pig!

Buy the unique half pig, half cow. This can provide your family ham, bacon, and milk. This pig/cow is three years old and is in very good shape. Her name is Pow. She is very lovable and calm. She loves people! Buy her for only 150 shekels! Bacon burgers for everyone!
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Rent a Camel for the Day!

Buy or rent a camel at an Egyptian Camel Shop in upper Egypt. To buy a camel it is 1000 shekels. You can rent a camel hourly, daily, or monthly from 70-200 shekels. You can also get a Camel Tour Guides with your rented camel for 20-70 shekels. Other trinkets will be included in the store such as; clothes(10-50 shekels), small sculptures of camels(50-100 shekels), or jewelry from Jade's Jewels (100-500 shekels). You can also learn how to ride a camel for 30 shekels. Go to Egyptian Camel Shop today and buy or rent a camel!


Friday, Dec. 11th 2065 at 8-10pm


Go to Charcora for the big sale! all the makeup will be 30% off!

Get Advice from Smith!

Get advice from Smith and you won't be sorry. She knows what to do and when to do it. Go to her and your problems will be solved. Ask her under an anonymous name and she will tell you how to fix any of your problems!

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Advice from Hanna Egypt Smith!

Worried Commoner Advice

Dear Smith,

Please help me! Sometimes I don’t think that a girl should be ruling Egypt. Don’t get me wrong, she really tries to be a man, but she is really falling short.

- Worried Commoner

Dear Worried Commoner,

You need to really believe in your king. Even though she is a girl she deserves the same respect you have given the other kings. She does so much for you. She even wears fake beards to show that women can do anything. Every man in her life has been trying to take the thrown away from her. When she was a little girl, she grew up being promised the thrown. But, the men tried to take that away from her. She had to be patient and has finally taken the thrown as your rightful leader. She is a woman and owns it.

- Smith

Ramses II Advice

Dear Smith,

Oh my gosh! I Have 100 wives!! I AM GOING TO DIE! My one love is Nefretari and it always will be! What if she doesn’t like me?

-Distraught KING

Dear Distraught King,

Tell your love how you feel. You will never have another chance again after you die! If you really love her and she really loves you, then you guys were meant to be. You got this, be a man and do this.


Hatshepsut Advice

Dear Smith,

Please help! I don't know what to do. My father promised me to be pharaoh...but now he is gone to the afterlife. No one will listen to me. Women should be pharaoh too. I am, so anyone can be. The priests are telling me to marry my half brother! What shall I do?

-Confused "Pharaoh"

Dear Confused "Pharaoh",

You should tell them what your father really said. If they don't understand, drastic measures may have to be taken to serve your father. The priests should understand you. I know I would.


Nefertari Advice

Dear Smith,

I love my Pharaoh. He is picturing me in his many sculptures and portraits. Though, I'm afraid, I don't know what to do in return for him. I want to do something precious that he will never forget. What should I do for him? Maybe you will know.

-Loving Queen

Dear Loving Queen,

I'm also afraid you cannot do anything for him. Just him seeing you will make his day. Tell him you love him and that will be the best gift. Tell him what you told me. Tell him you'll never leave his side.



"I have commanded that my (titularly) abide like the mountains; when the sun shines its rays are bright upon the titularly of my majesty; my Horus is high upon the standard... Forever."

- Hatshepsut

"I have raised up that which was in ruins. I have restored that which was destroyed."

- Hatshepsut

I am the Queen who became a Pharaoh.

- Hatshepsut

"My love is unique - no one can rival her, for she is the most beautiful woman alive. Just by passing, she has stolen away my heart."
-Ramses II (About Nefertari)


"Nefertari Meryetmut, my beautiful wife, for whom the sun shines, I dedicate thee sacred [tomb?], to her. Her of the two [o lands], may she (live!)"

-Ramses II (About Nefertari)

"God's wife she is, blessed with beauty open thee hathor. She shall always live as the sun, for she has warmed my heart. With her passing, only thee radiance Hathor had giving Nefertari Meryetmut, Mistress of [lower and upper egypt]"

-Ramses II (About Nefertari)


The great Queen Naptera of the land of Egypt speaks thus: Speak to my sisterPuduhepa, the Great Queen of the Hatti land. I, your sister, (also) be well!! May your country be well. Now, I have learned that you, my sister, have written to me asking after my health. You have written to me asking after my health. You have written to me because of the good friendship and brotherly relationship between your brother, the king of Egypt, The Great and the Storm God will bring about peace, and he will make the brotherly relationship between the Egptian king, the Great King, and his brother, the Hatti King, the Great King, last for ever... See, I have sent you a gift, in order to greet you, my sister... for your neck (a necklace) of pure gold, composed of 12 bandsand weighing 88 shekels, coloured linen maklalu-material, for one royal dress for the king... A total of 12 linen garments.


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Secret Insider: Does Nefertiti Really Enjoy the Change in the Law?

No one really knows if she likes it or not. Some say she doesn't like the law like all the Egyptions. Others think she likes the change. But mostly, people don't think she really cares. It is her husbands decision anyway. Is he right or is he wrong?


The Weather

The weather this week will be sunny and hot. Astronomers say there will be no clouds in the sky. Rain will be scarce. The pyramids, like always, will be aligning with the stars. How great our astronomers are!


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