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Crowdfunding is one way - grants is another and our DSIL team is here to help!

DSIL has had the pleasure of having all of our alumni committed to others by increasing impact across the globe with ideas and projects spanning all sectors and cultures. For many of our that also came with a realization that sometimes increasing impact also means slowing down and investing in ourselves as well. At DSIL, you will build the tools you need to continue to learn emerging knowledge and tools with the world as it rapidly changes!

Some of our alumni did not have the means (or just needed to supplement the cost) to invest in the program, but did not let that stand in their way; they got creative and got crowdfunding! Others raised money through local grants, continuing education stipends or collaborated with their current organizations to pay for the training or saved money. Crowdfunding seemed to be a successful favorite for a few reasons:

  • It allows you to connect with your community at large and re-connect with people you love and admire. Chances are they love and admire you too!
  • It builds a valuable skill. If you are already building an idea or or need some funding to re-create how and what your organization is already doing, you will need $$$. This is your chance to practice and learn the in's and out's of building funds + marketing.
  • It's fun! Crowdfunding takes creativity and momentum and allows you to express yourself and tell the world what you are up to these days. It also shows your commitment to lifelong learning. Crowdfunding has been a huge learning tool not only for alumni at but for DSIL staff too!
  • If you never try, you will never know! Challenge yourself and start your DSILlearning journey strong!

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Get Your Crowdfunding Campaign On! Watch the live training- Hosted in partnership by the DSIL Global and StartSomeGood!

Below we will give you access to our one online session where you will learn some critical tactics and strategies to generating a successful online funding campaign like many of our alumni!

The training covered:

  • Crowdfunding theory and basics - what is it?
  • How crowdfunding works in the context of social impact - more than just money.
  • What makes for good crowdfunding rewards and the role that video plays.
  • How to effectively promote your campaign using online/offline marketing strategies
  • How long a crowdfunding campaign should be and how much can you raise
  • What motivates people to give to crowdfunding campaigns, and what holds them back.
  • Effective storytelling and identifying your tribes
Get Crowdfunded! Live Training with StartSomeGood & DSIL 4.29.15
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Here is Parra's 20- day dash crowdfunding journey!

Sawako collaborated with her workplace to subsidize the training since the skills she learned at DSIL would be directly translated in her work at home upon return!


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