New Year, New You

Give Yourself the Gift of Health

New Year, New You Weight Loss Challenge

This year give YOURSELF a gift! The New Year is approaching and that means one thing: Resolutions! What do you dream of for the New Year? Perhaps you wish for:

  • More energy?
  • To sleep better?
  • Better looking skin?
  • Kick bad eating habits?
  • To lose the weight for good?

If you can relate to any of these I invite you to join the New Year, New You Challenge!

What Can You Win?

We will give away prizes for the two people with the highest percentage of weight loss.

~1st Place: $125 worth of free products

~2nd Place: $50 free products

When Do We Start?

i coach people through our program all year long but we will have big groups of people starting January 2 and January 16. If you would like to start with me on January 2 you will need to order your products ASAP!

Who Can Participate?

Any client in my organization that has purchased 150QV in products is eligible to participate. *I coach our program for free... I am only paid when people purchase products. You can create your own package or get the BlockBuster Nutrition Package and save 40%. I never want money to be an obstacle; I always work with my clients to find a plan that works for them.

Let's Talk

Don't waste another moment wondering how you will reach your New Year's goals.. join us in the coming weeks and I assure you, you will feel amazing and ready to take on summer!

My phone is 580-695-2457. Can't wait to hear from you!


*Any Client, Preferred Client or Wholesale Buyer that has purchased Arbonne Essentials products totaling at least 150 QV since November 2016 is eligible to participate in this challenge.

Nutrition Blockbuster Arbonne Package

Now through December 30th Arbonne is running an AMAZING DEAL on the Healthy Living package!

For this month Preferred Clients will receive Thermobooster for FREE (for increased weight loss support through Thermogenesis) AND you will receive FREE SHIPPING! The set includes:
✅ 2 bags of vegan Protein Powder (Vanilla and Chocolate)-60 servings
✅ Daily Fiber Boost
✅ 2 boxes of Detox Tea
✅ Pomegranate and Citrus Energy Fizz Sticks
✅ Digestion Plus Probiotics
✅ 7 Body Cleanse (7 packets)
✅ 30 Days to Healthy Living Guide

This is a $503 value for $254 + tax (and FREE SHIPPING!) This is a FANTASTIC DEAL! If you aren't a Preferred Client yet you can sign up for $20 to get this amazing package as well as 20% off for 1 year PLUS you will get ANOTHER FREE product!
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Beth's Story

I am so proud of my friend Beth! She started the 30 Days to Healthy Living program with a blood sugar in the hundreds. Beth is a busy school teacher with lots of temptations but she followed the plan (2 shakes a day and a well-balanced meal) and has had amazing results so far.

After 30 days she lost a total of 17 pounds, lost 9.8 inches and her blood sugar was 96. I think my favorite part of her story is that when she was eating the way she was told to eat her blood sugar was as high as 109. But once she switched to clean eating the results were staggering. And she isn't stopping yet!

What a Difference ONLY 2 Months Can Do!

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What is Arbonne's 30 Day Program?

Arbonne’s 30 Days to Healthy Living & Beyond program provides a safe and maintainable way to get healthy and lose weight. And with nutrition products that are GMO free, vegan certified, free of gluten, dairy, whey, soy, artificial colors, artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners, you are able to help your body naturally detoxify and attain sustainable weight loss.

You WILL feel fantastic, WILL lose inches and WILL lose weight! So I invite you, if you’re interested in a free consultation and/or getting started with this remarkable health and wellness program, let’s talk! I’d be happy to set up a time to share more details and help you design a plan to meet your goals.

I have done this program several times and it really is fantastic! For the first time I learned how to prepare balanced meals to keep me full. I also learned how good...and bad...foods make me feel. Not only will you benefit from having me as your coach you will have access to a Facebook page with others that are doing the program, too. It's so much easier to embark on this journey with others. I will also send you recipes and other tools to ensure success.