Flying Squirrels in Wisconsin

By Jesse Huss

Description of Animal

The weight of the flying squirrel is 2.5-4.6 oz (that's about the weight of two golf ball's). The flying squirrel is cinnamon-colored, but can range from dark brown to red.


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Diet (what they eat and predator/prey)

Flying squirrels feed on fungi, mushroom, truffles, birds, all kinds of nuts, fruits, tree buds, insects, and bird eggs. Their enemies are owls, hawks, martens, weasels, cats, and coyotes.

Habitat (where they live)

Wisconsin Northern Flying Squirrels live in mixed forest and woodland habitats. They need to be near a water source.

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Population of Flying Squirrels in Wisconsin

Flying Squirrels are threatened and endangered species. It's hard to determine the population of them because they only come out at night.


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They can produce as many as six pups every summer. They can give birth to two to three pups between May and July.



Flying squirrels don't live longer than four years because of predators snakes, nocturnal owls, raccoons, martens, fishers, coyotes and household cats.

Interesting and Unusual Facts

1. Flying squirrels are nocturnal and active at night.

2. Flying squirrels don't really fly they glide, they can glide 80-150 feet.

3.The trees have to be close but spread apart.

4. They can store up to 15,000 nuts in a season.

5. There are five species of squirrels that live in Wisconsin: the gray squirrel, fox squirrel, red squirrel, and two species of flying squirrel. the northern and southern flying squirrel.

6. The fox squirrel is the largest species of tree squirrel to native to North American.

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