The Hunger Games

By:Lakendra Hall

Tip 1

Keep busy to take your mind off of it.

Try to pick something productive, whether that means a few extra tasks at work, or working for a non-profit you care about.

Tip 2

Look beyond your immediate circle for advice.

If your friends' words of wisdom aren't helping, go check out some inspirational Pinter est boards.

Tip 4

Don't let the break up overshadow other parts of your life.

Just because your love life isn't currently awesome, doesn't mean your professional life can't be.

Tip 4

Don't be afraid to give yourself pep talks.

During particularly difficult moments, like seeing your ex for the first time since the break up.

Tip 5

Lean on others for support.

Your real friends or your TV friends will suffice.

Tip 6

Take care of those you care about.

Therefore life will be more easier.

Tip 7

Train as if your life depended on it.

Do for other ,and it will e better.

Tip 8

Don't let the break-up define you.

Even if you are the one who got dumped, don't focus on your relationship's end.

Tip 9

Do something fun with your friends.

Don't be miserable.

Tip 10

Become BFFs with the mutations.
They are helpful and had trust.