People Who Inspire Me

By: Katherine Beekman

Family Inspiration

Richard Beekman is my brother, he was 7 when I was born. This caused many problems in our relationship, however he was always there for me when I needed him to be.


My brother inspires me in many ways. One examples he inspires me to make a difference just like he is doing serving in the USMC. He also inspires me to get the most out of high school as well as life.

My Plan

I plan to do my best in school while also having more extra curricular activities to find my passion and what I really like.

Political Inspiration

Abraham Lincoln was a self-educated and a man of integrity who stood up for what he believed in. Preserving the Union was more important to him than ending slavery. He was a talented speaker, a devoted family man, and had the interests of our nation at heart.

Why Lincoln Inspires Me

Lincoln thought differently than what was believed at that time.He stood for what he believed and for what was right, regardless of the consequences there may be..

My plan

With this inspiration, I will stand up for what I believe is right regardless if others agree with me.

Martin Luther King jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was inspired by Abraham Lincoln through his actions towards peace and equality. Although President Abraham Lincoln and Dr. King fought for equality during entirely different eras, they both fought for a common goal to make progress towards a nation with equal civil rights.
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A Teacher Who Has Inspired Me

My 8th grade teacher, Mrs. McNelis was the first person to ever help me learn to enjoy reading. She taught me that reading was not only for school assignments, but also for enjoyment. By teaching me this, she not only helped to improve my vocabulary but also my writing.

A peer who had inspried me

Someone who has inspired me was one of my best friends in 8th grade, Stuti Banargee. We sat next to each other in Science and History and she was one of my first and best friends. Stuti helped me to come out of my shell and influenced me to be myself regardless of anyone else.

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton is mainly known for is presidency and his love of the saxophone. Clinton's hogh school band teacher inspired him in many ways. His teacher did not just help him in school, he supported his students as they developed not only in music but also life. He took an interest in their home lives to help if they were having trouble at home or even in another class.
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Someone who inspires with their belief

One of my best friends, Tori, inspires me with her belief. We are in the same youth group and she is one of the most brave, caring and sincere people that I know. She has overcome more obstacles than anyone should have to at her age and has the courage to share them with us and inspire up to overcome our own obstacles. For example, her family has gone through divorce, adoption, and remarriage, and she herself has gone through bullying, depression, and suicidal thoughts. With her as my inspiration, it helps me overcome my own obstacles by listening to what she has gone through and how she was overcome.

Someone who inspires me with their belief

Someone who inspires me with their belief is Carrie Underwood. Carrie Underwood is one of my favorite singers, not only because of her music but also for her morals. She was the winner of American Idol in 2005. Through out her fame she has continued to be an American Idol. She dresses appropriately, puts her family first and is a role model to people across the world. She inspires me to continue with her morals regardless of the path I take in life.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry was inspired by her Christian religion. She grew up in a strong Christian house. When she was 18 she got a tattoo that says "Jesus" on her left wrist. She began her sinning career as a gospel Singer, but later decided to switch to pop. Both of her perents also served as pastors, she started singing at the church at 9.

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Gabby Douglas

Gabby Douglas is an American gymnast. She competed with the U.S Women's Gymnastics team at the 2012 Summer Olympics. She is the first African American gymnast to ever win the overall gold medal for the individual all round. She also helped lead her team to gold in the team competitions. She inspires me because she opened the door for more young African American girls to break the racial boundary and show them that it is possible to achieve your dreams.


All of these people are important in my life because if even one of them had not done what they had accomplished, my life my be drastically different. All of these people have overcome obstacles. Their methods of doing so have helped me learn how to overcome similar obstacles. These people are set apart by their backgrounds. For example, Gabby Douglas grew up in a lower class family struggling to pay her gymnastics fee, while others such as Mrs. McNelis grew up in a middle to high class family, this caused their outlooks to be different. With their collective inspiration, I plan to learn form their mistakes and to learn from their good qualities and what they did to obtain those qualities.

Overcome the Odds

Gabby Douglass fits into this category for many reasons. One reason is that she came form a family where both parents were rarely around, struggling to keep food on the table, and experiencing serve financial issues. At one point in Gabby's life, her family was forced to live out of their car because they could not pay the rent. But against all odds, Liang Chow, one of the most famous gymnastics coaches who also taught gold medalist Shawn Johnson, recruited her to come train at his gym. Because of his decision Gabby Douglas became one of the best known names in Gymnastics history.