basic info

achondoplasia is a disease that affects a lot of people. a lot of deaths are in the 25% range .

How does the symptom affect daily life.

Achondroplasia affects daily life by how someone reacts. Some symptoms may include short arms,short legs,short fingers,and mid face hypoplasia.

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What is life expectancy?

The probable number of years remaining in the life of an individual. take 25 percent of an individuals life of living in earth and probably die the next 30 years or so.

What is the mutation causing the condition

The mutation in the fgfr3 gene.

What chromosome is affected?

Chromosome 9 is affected.

What is the name of the gene that is mutated?

The fgfr3 gene is mutated.

The meaning of achondroplasia.

The meaning of achondroplasia is the most common cause of dwarfism. like some people might have short legs and arms or big head hypoplasia.

The three possible treatments for achondroplasia

There are no specific treatments for achondroplasia.

Is there a cure for achondroplasia?

No because Achondroplasia is caused by an absence of growth factor and of course dwarfism.

other interesting info

this is a great disease for scientists to learn about.